When Food and Exercise Feels Like Punishment!


How to Separate Exercise and Eating without punishing yourself!

I've been struggling with the whole eating and exercise concept before I could even realize what I was doing! In school I would eat less in order to not have to exercise. If I eat a whole lot I would wind up trying to exercise my butt off just to say it was worth it...but is it really worth it?! I was recently reading an article in Cosmopolitan magazine(Demi Lovato's on the cover this month) that changed my mindset for the better!

"No I'm Not Going to Work Off That Cookie"
Jessical Migala

A cycle of eating and then binge exercising or starving just to keep from exercising was all I knew. For so many of us we deal with the same exact thing. How do we see a balance when we are feeling ashamed for eating so much or feeling accomplished when we do not eat barely anything!

I told my mom one day that I had only ate 500 calories and I actually felt accomplished!

"Let Me Burn this Off!"

 Rationalizing how we eat and how we exercise can be detrimental on the mind, body, and soul! Physically it takes a toll on your body, you start to see results then you start to see the decline and then the weight gain! Mentally you wonder why you just can't get it together, why you can't see the results you want. 

Feeling defeated is the problem with diet and exercising all together. The question is...Why does a piece of your fave treat have to be such a freaking punishment? Why do we have to fix a binge by running it off and it barely burns a piece of chocolate from that cookie you just consumed! Trying to rationalize a binge with another binge is no more than a way of making you feel like a complete and utter failure! In the end it just backfires!

Food Rewards do not work and neither does exercising like a crazed maniac to justify that "reward!"

Eating food should not be torture and Exercising should not be a chore. This has always been a problem for me. I hated eating as much as I hated exercising! But eating always made me feel better but not in a good way.

It felt like guilt without the pleasure!

It's time to change our mindsets...including my own...but how?

How to Separate Food from Fitness and feel Good About it!

Workout to feel good not because you feel guilty!
Find a workout that makes you have fun and enjoy it. Get in a workout routine that you will actually like! If you like low-key, low maintenance workouts then why not try yoga. If you like high intensity, fast moving workouts Zumba  then is your best friend! 

Eat healthy to feel good on the inside.
When you eat healthy food, lets be honest, we feel really good! So if you keep the mindset of "This makes me feel really good" then you will eat more of what makes your feel good on the inside. Take a journal or type in your phone when you feel most energized after eating something that is healthy and also take into account what makes you feel groggy and deflated! Write out what foods are doing what to your body!

Stop the Self Hate, Start the Self Love!
Yes you know I had to bring this up! Instead of beating yourself up about eating that delicious Krispy Kreme Donut (God Bless the Krispy, Mmmmm) why not just feel good in that moment and just resolve to be healthier tomorrow or eat healthier the rest of the day. Don't think of food as a reward and you want feel like you have to have it! 

As I write this I'm determined more than ever to stop the diet and exercising punishments and start looking at eating healthy and exercising as a way of doing good for my body. Your body is a temple treat it as such and in that temple you should never have to feel guilty about anything!

In the comments below
Have you ever felt that eating and exercise was a punishment or consequence? 
Does this make you want to change your mindset?


  1. The reverse is the case for me. I love eating as much as I hate exercising.I see exercise as a chore too, a means to an end not something I enjoy. Zumba classes are fun though but still. Some days I live on protein bars and still go to the gym. Great write up and I'm inspired to find a balance between my eating and exercising.

  2. Great post! I've talked on my blog before about this subject, when I was younger I went through a phase of eating ONLY a salad a day, even though I knew how bad that was, I wanted to lose weight (even though I was seriously and scarily thin) at all costs. Now I realize how bad that was and I'm still trying to see both food amd exercise as the best way to love my body. Just today I watched a video, which after a bad time, really motivated me since I'm a visual person, I need to see hard work pays off. Call me crazy, the video is in Gracies Journey chanel on youtube in case you wanna see it too and it's the last one she posted.
    Thank you for this much needed post!