Your Beauty Bag: Everything You Will Ever Need!

Ok ladies we all need to have a beauty on the go bag because we can't afford to have embarrasing mishap or beauty emergency especially in front of your crush or your boss! Your beauty essentials should be packed with all your essentials that you need to survive school or work! Just drop your beauty bag in your purse or backpack and you are ready for the day ahead! 

Your Beauty Bag Essentials

Whether you are a oily mess at the end of the day or you just got done from a volleyball session in the gym powder is your go to for a touch up! I use a translucent powder that is clear to just touch up after along day. If you need a fuller coverage opt for foundation powder and you are back to being #flawless!

2.Hand Cream
My hands get extremely dry during the day and if I wash my hands I need my lotion ASAP! A little small tube of your fave lotion in a small jar will save the day anyday! 

3.Lip balm
When I would go to school I absolutely needed my lip balm or else I was no good for the rest of the day! Licking my lips 100 times a day can get quite annoying. I love a good tinted lip balm that gives me a hint of color.

4.Lipstick or Lipgloss
Got somewhere to go after class or work? Got a cutie headed your way pop on a little lippie and you are ready! You can do soft pink or a bold red for a more dramatic flare. Stick to a lipgloss that's not too sticky because that's just yucky and your crush totally wouldnt want to kiss sticky lips...your welcome!
Check this lipgloss out here

If you have seen my Everyday Makeup Video Tutorial Here then you know that I like to keep my look pretty simple and natural. But I like bringing an eyeliner with me especially if know I'm going to be out with the girls and need my eyes on "fleek!" You can even do fun colors like a navy blue to add a spin to the classic cat eye!
Check out this waterproof eyeliner here

6. Roll on Perfume
You need to smell good dont'cha! You can use a roll on perfume or your fave sample size perfume for a quick touch up after the gym!

Emergency Essentials!
If you are prone to accidents, like myself, then ladies you never know when we'll need help so just keep your emergency kit in your bag  just in case ;)
Get every thing you see here
1.Feminine Products
Need I say more!

The cold weather is coming be prepared or if you see your crush with a new girl you'll have tissues handy!

3.Antibacterial Gel
Germs be gone! I love scented ones with cute designs on them. It really makes you want to use it!

Geting a scraped knee from playing to hard in softball  never looked cuter! Swap those beige band-aids for colorful ones and maybe throw in a cartoon character!

5.Hair Pins, Safety Pins, Hair Ties
The Three things we are always losing and the three things we need on a daily basis. Get you some and KEEP THEM IN YOUR BAG! Tired of your hair being in your face no problem you got plenty of hair ties and hair pins even for your bestie! Got an unruly button down shirt safety pins are your life saver, seriously!

Ladies that's it! That's all you need to get you ready in the morning and keep your prepared all day long! You can opt out of some things and add the things that are most important to you. Bringing more than that and you are now known as the BAG LADY

Life Saving Tip!
A great thing to do, if you can afford it, is to buy double of your products. That way if you are in a rush you got everything you need in one place without going cray cray!

Stay Tuned!
I'll be doing a make up tutorial with some of the items featured and a review on everything I got from Ipsy! Don't know about Ipsy check it out here!

In the comments below
Do you have a beauty on the go bag? If so whats your essentials?
If not, would you consider having your own beauty bag?


  1. Like an emergecy kit for girls. :)
    Can't leave the house without lip balm honestly.

  2. I love the roll on perfume idea! Great post! :)

  3. I used to be all about lip gloss, but I can't wear them anymore, except maybe the matte ones like Limecrime or AbH. It's hard to find a good mom-sticky one. I'm definitely a lipstick girl I would say.

  4. For a moment i thought this was your ipsy!! I was like omg lucky you... I haven't received mine by the way :(

  5. I also like to have Wet Ones for any spills or accidents!

  6. I need to be better about emergency kits for sure!

  7. Lovely post the roll on perfume is a good idea instead of carrting a larger bottle of perfume or body splash