Beauty Blogger Wishlist for Fall 2015

Beauty Bloggers Wishlist Guide for Fall 2015

It's September and you know what that means ...we are falling for New Beauty Trends! As a beauty blogger, and everything in between, I like to look through the NYFW trends to get a head start on beauty trends. So I'm helping out all my beauty bloggers by giving you a beauty rundown of all the trends that will be popping up all fall and winter long!

Shadow Play
This fall's new trend is all about the smoky eye. Not just the plain blacks but browns and heavy metals like copper and silvers! The key to this look this fall is blending, blending and blending some more! Blend out all the edges I can't stress this enough...Blend my friend!
Shadow Play

Mix up your Cat Eye
Get rid of the boring ol' cat eye and replace it with 2! Lining both the top and bottom lashes as if creating another cat eye on the bottom or just do the liner on the bottom lid, you can't go wrong! With bold new cat eyes you can even take them up into the crease!

Eyeliner Trends for Fall 2015

Blush'n through the Wind
Its all about looking like you just ran in 50 degree weather all across your college campus! Warm peaches and rosy blushes will give you this look with out the exercise! For the best air brushed look use light sweeping circular motions from top of cheeks to the apple of your cheeks for a natural look.
Fall 2015 Blush Trend

Lash'n Out 
The Twiggy era is back ladies so lets clumpify some lashes! This gives the look of doey doll eyes which I actually love! If you want a natural look on the runway I seen lashes that were clean and barely there mascara. To achieve this look just use a lengthening mascara! Tip:  wipe off some of the mascara before applying it to your lashes. Start at the bottom and wiggle your way up to the top!
Lashes for Fall 2015

Vamped up Your Pout
The Vampy look is back and they are really switching it up! With blacks and brick red colors you can choose how dark or bright you want to go. On the runways they didn't mind showing a bright red lip but if you love the gothic style go for an almost black to black color. Tip: Keep the rest of your look extra natural so you want look to much like a goul without the sleep...its not holloween yet! 
Vamp up your pout

So there you go! All the fall makeup trends you need to have on your wishlist. As beauty bloggers we always have to stay up to date on new trends so I just made the work extra easy for ya....your welcome ;) 

In the Comments 
Which trend will you be rocking this fall?


  1. Love your Fall 2015 Makeup Wishlist!! Love these colors for the Fall!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. I love the black and brown eye makeups!

    1. Me tooo its perfect for fall I want to do more looks with these colors!

  3. I love fall makeup soooo much. I think it's my favorite makeup of all. I haven't done a metallic smokey eye since last winter, and can't wait to try it again!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    1. Yes thats the one thing I really love about fall is the dark looks you can play with! Yes I know you would look so amazing with that smokey eye too Jenny!

  4. Awesome trend report! I love the smokey eye look and the fun cat eye!

    Vanessa│Meili Journey

  5. Such a great list! I have to do some Shadow Play this fall! :)

  6. I love all the dark shadows, light blush and dark lips!!

  7. A really great post!

  8. Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. Cooler weather, longer nights, rainy evenings, new fall fashion and beauty trends to explore. My favorite makeup trend is smoky eye. You can play with so many different colours to create a natural day look or an evening, more dramatic look. I can't wait to try heavy metals, especially silver eyeshadow. Very informative post. I enjoyed learning a thing or few about new fall makeup trends.

    Alina ♡