Hunt 4 Fashion: Basic Vibes!

Today I'm gonna share with you a simple OOTD for my Hunt 4 Fashion Series! We are going back to the basic with this! With this outfit I wanted to keep it basic, crisp, and clean. I wanted to incorporate some of my flare into it by adding charming touches like my butterfly earrings, my delicate necklace you might have seen in  my haul here my vintage watch, and a white tote I got for a steal online!

My town is pretty small so when I find unique places that are a sew in for and epic instagram or blog shot I have to step out and give it some love! So if you see me here again, just know ;) I mean just look at it, its perfect...take that california pink wall!

Break it Down...#OOTD Style

This white shirt, $3 might I add, I got from Hobby Lobby in an attempt to do some DIY statement tees, as I have yet to master that DIY I decided to wear it out. I paired it with my H&M High Waisted Light Blue pants and also from H&M my white shoes both for $10! What a steal!

The accessories was quite a bargain too! I got these oversized sunglasses for literally $1 at a thrift shop the day of my outing. When I seen it I immediately fell in love, I set aside the fact that from certain angles I look like an alien up close ha! Nonetheless I love them! This necklace I got for free in a giveaway from FrouFrou Frill and this lovely purse was on sale from $100 to $38 from the Love It or Buy It segment on E-News! This is the first time I ever bought anything because of a TV show but when I seen it I new I needed it! 

This whole outfit was less than $70 altogether and I think thats quite a steal. Now for the fall I can just pair it with a bomber jacket and boots and be on my way....yasssss!

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Hunt 4 Fashion
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  1. What a cute outfit! H&M has some good bargains, don't they?

    1. Thank youuu! Yes I've been loving them soooo much!

  2. Love, love, love that bag! And that wall was the perfect background.

  3. I love your look... I think i would go for zara anytime

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  4. I love classic basics. Especially for creating casual weekend looks!