Hunt 4 Fashion: How to Rock the 60's Fashion + Announcement!!!

It's Friday and its time for another #Hunt4Fashion! Last week I helped you style capes and suedes for fashion in vintage shops and goodwills and even gave you some awesome tips for landing the perfect signature piece! You can check it out here! Today is all about the Revival of the 60's!

"If I lived back in the 60's I would definitely be the wild child pushing the boundaries with her style!"

Since the fashion industry is reviving the swinging 60's with  mock turtle necks,  A-lines dresses and minis, wide brim hats, clean geometric shapes, and lots of black and white combos, I wanted to share with you my modern 60's take on the retro OOTD.

 Tip: Look for pieces that are part retro and part right now so you wont go back in time to the point of no return! 

Mod Squad

I played up the classic black and white pieces with this geometric mock turtleneck crop top and paired it with a black A-Line dress that screamed the swinging 60's! I could see my self grooving out to some good Sooooul music! I got these two pieces for a steal on the Markkit App that is a fashion website! Get this, these 2 pieces a part was on sale for $10 from $48. The top is still in stock but the dress isnt so get it while its hot! Now get this I seen it in the middle of the night when I knew I should have been sleeping but instead I seen an email about their $10 sale...Like I couldn't just pass this by right?! I also got a shearling leather jacket for $10 too and it was originally 80 bucks! You can't beat deals like that! I highly recommend Markitt and trust me I'm not sponsored but yet I wish I could because I'm in love with this app!

Tip: Always subscribe to the email lists of your favorite website so you'll always be up to date on sales and special coupons!

MODernize and Accessorize

An outfit isnt complete with out a couple of accessories. I started off with my wide brim hat I got for $12 at Ross. It originally had a leopard fabric trim around it but I cut it off, but of course I'll use it later #ootd's ;)

The necklace and earrings are just plain classics. Why reinvent the wheel when its done so perfectly! I wanted big gold accessories because that's what the 60's was all about for the fun loving free spirit...go big or go home! I could have made it a pop of color but I was like ehh this would totally work with my handbag I mentioned about before in this post! You know just making it modern!

The shoes was the final touch! I didnt want just a classic pointy heel nope why not go for cool cutouts in a geometric shape...ahhh see what I did there, MOD-ernized!

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  1. I love love this outfit! The hat took it to another level!

  2. Super cute blog and I love this outfit! Definitely going to be a continues reader of yours! And I am DEFINITELY going to try to be featured on your instgram! Thanks girlie!

  3. Do you model professionally because you look so freaking fierce in those pictures. Love the outfit! I'm awful with fashion and so jealous how you pieced this outfit together! Great work!

  4. You look amazing!! I can't get over this outfit :) Plus that hat + earring combo is perfect. xo

    Kelsey |

  5. You sure do know how to find the best deals. Great look darling. Your bag is so fab!!!

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  7. I absolutely love this outfit! I really need to do more with my own wardrobe choices, tees and jeans only go so far lol...keep rocking the outfits.


  8. such a great outfit :) I love your top so much!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  9. Your outfit is really cute. I look forward to reading more.

  10. Your outfit is really cute. I look forward to reading more.