Hunt 4 Fashion Instagram Roundup!!!

Today is all about the Instagram! I wanted to share with you my new instagram account Hunt_4_Fashion  in more depth! I told you about it in my last fashion post here! I'm so proud of this baby and I can definitely feel the love! So far I've made it up to 100+ followers already it may not be a lot to you but its a lot to me!! On top of that I've gotten 2 awesome girls to participate in my #hunt4fashion!

Finding My Place on Instagram
My love for fashion has been taken to new heights. I'm able to create different looks without having to do a "photoshoot" for it and in the comfort of my own home....BONUS!!! I'm able to share quotes about fashion that I know we all can relate too. Share different ootd's every. single. day. and you guys I've also finally found my instagram aesthetic hehe now I know what it means! I love the layout and I hope you all like it too. I'm still trying to figure out what my Color U Bold IG feed should look like so just bare with me lol and if you have suggestions let me know in the comments! You can still follow me there too as I post new and diffrent things on there from beauty, food, photoshoots, and my own personal quotes I make myself!

I also added my Hunt4Fashion on the side bar to the right so you all can see it too;)

Interaction is Key
Since this account is still small I'm able to interact with more bloggers and go through and check out there blogs so I thought if you all are participating why not share it here on my blog too!

The Luxury Belle

 Shreya was the first lovely blogger to use the hashtag so when I seen her awesome style I knew I had to share it with you all! This look is off of her blog on how to style a dress 3 different ways! I love looking for different ways to style something it keeps the look unique and you don't have to by anything extra...this embodies #HUNT4FASHION!!! You can check out here full styling tips here!
Check her out on her Instagram and Blog

Live Life Well 

Allison beautiful to the core! She shared with me her fringe obsession and I love it! I've been looking for a way to wear fringe without going crazy and by pairing other pieces with a fringe skirt or vest keeps the outfit from looking straight hippy!  You can check out her Fall for Fringe Post here!
Check her out on her Instagram and Blog

Thank you ladies for joining and feel free to #hunt4fashion again!!!

Do You have a Cute #OOTD to Share
If you would like to participate its simple just follow me and hashtag hunt4fashion! Its that simple!  I'll be doing a Instagram roundup every so often to showcase new fashion looks that you don't normally see on my regular account or blog as well as showcasing and shouting out other bloggers who use the hashtag:)

In the Comments Below
What are your Instagram accounts so that I can hunt down and find you :P

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