Ipsy Glam Bag September 2015

Today it's all about an Ipsy review where I bring you 5 hottest and newest products from a subscription box courtesy of Michelle Phan and her team! I love receiving that pink package in the mail its almost like Christmas but with out the cold weather!!! I wanted to fully try out these products so forgive me that its literally on the last day that I show you these lol!  So without further adieu here's what I got in my ipsy bag.

Ipsy Glam Back October 2015
This Ipsy glam bag is all about face fashion! It's that glam, that sparkle, that flawless face to take you from day to night!

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Skin Care Products
Ipsy always comes in full swing with providing natural products that do not irritate the skin.

Naobay-Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer
The Claim:
This cream moisturizes, protects and sofftens in one single product. It says that it has all the essential needs of hydration for all skin types. With hig-quality plant extracts and organic vegetable oils helps ideally balance the skins hydrolipidic film(I'm guessing thats a good thing lol). And it rapidly absorbs into the skin making it great for a  makeup base.
The Review 
Firstly, I've never heard of this product before let alone the name but I can tell you from much use I actually really like it! Its natural and organic for all types of skin which is something I try to have more in my skincare as it helps with acne breakouts and other crazy face problems.  When I put it on it definitely feels like it absorbs into my skin. I almost felt it tingle just a smidge but in a good way. I have dry skin and this moisturized perfectly, I only needed one squeeze of it! You should definitely try this out! Recommend! Because this is high priced I'm giving you a code! Use code IPSYNAOBAY ;)

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub
The Claim
"This brightening scrub gently exfoliates your skin while removing impurities from your pores without taking your natural moisture with it. Organic chlorella growth factor and argan stem cells work to stimulate new cell growth and repair. Madonna lily stem cells help brighten. It will give you a deep cleansing and ultra brightening experience."
The Review
I've received this type of brand once before it was lotion and since then I've been using it nonstop. This scrub is very gentle but don't be alarmed at the color of it when it comes out lol #notcute! It doesn't mess with my sensitive skin and with this it claims to have a brightening exfoliate effect. I tried it out for a couple days on and off I haven't really noticed a brightening effect but I love the exfoliate properties of this scrub it feels like it really gets into my skin perfectly. I know I'll be using this up!Recommend!

Beauty Products
This ipsy bag came with 3 diffent products  as normal providing me with a whole new make up routine and nail  routine!

Anytime I get a NYX product in my bag I'm always happy!  This one was unique because they had it engraved with a special shout out from Ipsy! These shadows are perfect for when you want to take your makeup look from day to night! You can literally throw it in your purse and apply while you are on your way that hot date or a girls night out! Get 50% off of Nyx products  with this code NYXBASESCVRD ;)

Fun Fact! I wore this to a festival in the blazing hot and these shadows did not move even without primer it lasted literally all day and don't torch me I even slept in it and wore it to work the next day....DONT JUDGE ME, I was tired lol! But it stayed for a whole two days, woop woop! 

The colors are all neutral but with some sparkle. It has a champagne color for a nice wash over your eyes that is very pigmented as well as a copper shade that helps balance out the light shade just in case its too light  on dark skin tones! The darkest color is more on the matte side but I can definitely see a little shimmer not to much making it perfect for the outer corners of the lid , up in the crease, and on the bottom lash line! Recommend!

I feel i'm going to be recommending all of them but lets keep moving ;)

Now normally I don't recommend a one night stand to anybody because we are classy ladies lol but this lipstick right here is a win win for me! I wouldn't dare just use this once! It adds just the right amount of fushia. Being a jewel tone this lipstick is perfect for ladies of darker complexion!  Highly Recommend!

Ignite the fire that is your nails ladies(OK I'll stop with the puns hehe). I've been rocking this nail color for over a week and even to a soul festival. I got tons of compliments and I just love this shade for fall. Its not too dark and not too bright its right in the middle. I'm pretty bad at keeping my nails lasting longer than a couple of days because I'm always working with my hands so I couldn't tell if it was long lasting or not, sorry!!! Buuuut I can tell you that I haven't been wanting to wear any other color but this! So if you are a nail lover then this is a Recommend!

So there you go a 5 out  of 5 whopping recommends from me! I'm always excited to see my Ipsy bags whenever it comes in and I hope you enjoyed my review on all of them. Soon I'll be doing a makeup look with the beauty products I received!

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