Love/Hate Tag Fall Edition


Today is a good day to do a tag!!! I was nominated by Tiffany May from TeefMay to do the Love/Hat Tag. You can check her's out here! I've never seen this tag before but I new that when I finally got some time on my hands I knew I wanted to do it! Since its fall now I thought I would switch it up and do a fall edition because you know....I'm a rebel hehe. Find out all of my loves and hates I mean dislikes of fall!

I really Really Really Like You...

I love seeing the kids dressed in costumes it always brings me back to the time I went trick or treating and when I first saw my first comet shoot across the sky....ahhh the memories!

2.Thanksgiving= All You Can Eat Buffet
This is the time of  year where you can eat whatever you please and not feel super guilty but I must admit I carried this day into a new year eeek!

3.Layer Up!
Ahhh more coats please!!! I'll take that cute military jacked for 50 bucks!

4.Trending for Fall
If you haven't seen my last few fashion post you know I'm already digging the fashion trends of this season! 60's and 70's style clothing yessss H&M just yesss! Plus it gives me a reason to shop hehe!

5.Get Vampy 
No I don't mean sucking no ones blood although Halloween is an all for one buffet! No seriously I love dark vampy beauty products for the fall so that means wine stain lipglosses, dark plums lipsticks, smokey eyes, dark grey nail polish! Don't get me started on the clothes!!!

6. Boots For Everyone!
Now we can wear these cute visions of beauty without it making our feet all hot!

7.Hot Beverages
You know what I'm talking about teas, hot chocolate, Starbucks latest creation....Mmmm!

8.Scary Movies
I love scary movies all year round but its something about watching a Steven King movie all alone on a fall night that just sounds sooo right! Not to mention my fave movie of all time Hocus Pocus comes on back to back on ABC Family yesssss!

9.Fashion Week
Yes all of the fashion week shows from NY to London to Milan I'm tuning in!!! I love seeing all of the bloggers out and about snapping pics and showing off some cool runway behind the scenes. I've been checking out Style Sprinters Blog Religiously for all the NYFW madness! You can check all her post out on Fashion Week Here!

10.Blankets  and Fuzzy Socks
Ahhh Who doesn't love warm things on a cold day...need I say more....

FAll Sometimes...
I just don't like you!

1.Winters Coming!

2.Staying inside
I'm a homebody but dayyyy I want to get out a little bit without freezing my butt off!

3.No Beach Time
Ahhh I'll dream of the beach until I can go again!

4.Halloween Freaks
Now they just mess up everything for everybody! Acting like they have no home training tisk tisk!

5.The Leaves go byebye :'(
I love the colors of the leaves in fall but then they start to fall, then they start to wither away and we are left with this empty hole in which our love for trees have left!

6.Oh the Darkness
No sun I want you to stay don't go down at 5pm how will I get this photoshoot done now...says every fashion blogger everywhere including me!!!!

7.PMS'ing Weather
Should I put on that coat its going to be cold this morning but by afternoon its blazing hot oooh the struggle! Weather please make up your mind!

8.Dry Skin Go Away
Skin....Why have you forsaken me!

9.The Inevitable Cold 
It's gonna happen might as well get that flu shot!

10.Did I mention Winters coming! 

So there you go my love/hate with fall! You love it but you just don't like it all at the same time.

BTW Some of these pics came off my new Fashion IG go check them out here!

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What do you love/hate about the fall?


  1. These are the best! I love scary movies as well and cannot wait to cuddle up on the couch and watch some!

    Great post!

    xo Tiffany |