Too Faced Love Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Inspired by the lost art of love letters, this lust-worthy collection creates the most romantic looks of all time with fifteen shimmer, pearl and matte shadows organized into three beautiful collections, includes an exclusive, full size Love Eyeliner in Black and our signature Glamour Guide with six looks you'll fall in love with.
Too Faced

I'm sharing with you my LOVE for the Too Faced Love Palette! I was able to get an awesome deal as a member of the Ipsy subscription box! I got this palette with the Shadow insurance primer a $69 value but I got it for $49! The retail of this Passionately Pretty Eyeshadow collection is $49. This was my first time ever buying a high priced-high end palette but with that deal on top of getting a full sized primer too, I was sold!

My tip for My Budget Beauties if you don't want to spend so much on high end brands just Save up and wait for a great deal! You don't always have to be the first to get a product, take your time and make sure you really want it!

For the Love of Reviews!

This palette comes in a gorgeous packaging even before I even opened the the box! Then when I seen the actual palette I was astonished! The detailing, the colors, the hardness of the palette, I mean you I can definitely tell that it wont break if you drop it! I love the pictures on the front obviously it reminds me of paris....oooooh wouldn't it be cool if I could wear the palette WHILE in paris ahhhh wishful dreaming!

Opening up the palette I immediately noticed the eyeshadows obviously! The eyeshadow are absolutely breathtaking on top of that they are very pigmented!Too Faced divided the colors up into 3 amazing collections.

Pure Love

 From Left to Right: Dearest, Amorous, Desire, Cherish

True Love
Left to Right: Passion, Obsessed, Romance, Smitten

Forbidden Love 
  Left to Right: Darling, Everlasting, Puppy Love Devotion

 The Heart Shaped Colors
Left to Right: Adore, Sweetie Pie, XOXO

From warm browns and golds, to pretty pinks and purples, to forest greens and champagnes. The type of eyeshadows included are shimmers that have gold reflects in them, pearl colors include cool tones of pinks and champagnes, and matte dark colors, but I would say semi matte because there was still shimmery reflects in them nonetheless. So the one thing I wish they had, was at least one really matte, no shimmer whats so ever, eyeshadow. This would have helped transition colors on the eye, especially at the crease, rather than making everything purely shimmery and sparkles!

1 Palette 6 Makeup Looks

In the palette also included 3 eye charts with 6 different eyelooks! I love that they created this for this palette! Each chart included a day eye and night eye! These looks work perfect for everyones eye color and skin color! With Pure Love the warm golds, orange and browns would look amazing on an hazel eyed beauty. With True Love the deep purples and pinks will reflect the blue eyed chica perfectly! Forbidden Love has a more green feel that will really make brown eyes stand out!

Whatever your eye color or skin color this palette is really beautiful on anyone! I created a video last sunday on The Pure Love set of colors and I actually did the Day look from the eye chart but also included the black liner!

This black liner is waterproof and called Perfect Black it really is a dark deep black so you don't have to worry about it smudging or other colors showing through!

Am I in Love or Nah!
Yes I'm in love, I'm so in love I wish I could shout on the top of the Eiffel tower, seriously I need to visit Paris! I love the packaging, I love the detailing and the hardwork Too Faced Put into creating this palette! I love the colors and although I wish there was one really matte color in there its no worries because the eye charts they provide you with will come in handy when you just want to use this palette! These looks are great for hitting the streets with your girls or having a hot date with your crush!

Is it Worth it?
Yes...Only If:
You love playing up your eyes
You can see yourself rocking these colors at least 1-2x a week.
So save up you budget beauty or if you got the money then go ahead what are you waiting for fall in love for yourself!

In the Comments
Have you bought anything from Too Faced, what would you recommend me get next to review?


  1. I haven't seen this palette around. The packaging is so cute. I love Too Faced but their eye shadow quality can be very hit or miss. Glad you love it!

    Steph |

  2. OOoh! I haven't seen this before but it looks amazing!! I'll have to search it out!

  3. This palette is so adorable! I love the packaging and the eyeshadow colors look perfect for everyday and special occasions. I have never bought a Too Faced product, but I have heard really good things about the brand.

  4. Gosh, I wish I have this. Lovely colors.

  5. Great post and photos! The colours look amazing and I really like the packaging! I need to get my hands on this!

    Sarah xx

  6. I love your review! That palette is to die for I love that it feels like Asian brands eyeshadow. Because they implemented the same technology that use in Asian brands. I mean this palette SLAYS ALL DAY! love ya chica internet hugs! xoxo- Cynthia

  7. I've never seen this palette before, but the packaging is so pretty! The colors aren't really my style- I'm a "nude" kinda gal, but the colors are gorgeous.