6 Popular Tips for Breakfast Worthy of Instagram


The Not so Secret tips to getting more Instagram Followers!

I have always been a breakfast lover! From pancakes to French toast to the simplicity of a piece of fruit and coffee, breakfast gives me all kinds of feel good vibes! So when I got on Instagram it opened up a whole new arena for me not only in the terms of better photography skills but also getting more creative with the type of food I ate! My first thought before making breakfast is what would instagram do…literally! Ok maybe not literally but if I'm in a creative mood and haven't posted a photo in a while then I ask myself this question ;)

It's so easy to say "I'm not that creative" or "I'm not as creative as you" but seriously anyone can do this it just takes a few special tips, some practice, and lots of shots to getting #breakfastgoals in the comments section of every post! Be bold, be brave enough to try ;)

So without further adieu here's how to do better food photography and get tons of likes and followers!

1.What to Eat…that is the question!
Shakespeare had a good point asking questions all the time! So ask yourself "What do I want to eat that not only appealing to the eyes but also taste good too!" I'm not going to make french toast drizzled with delicious syrup just to throw them in the trash after taking a few shots…..Nooooo I'm a foodie so that would be criminal!

2.Find your color scheme!
Ok so now u  know what you will eat go ahead and figure out the colors you need to achieve the look u want! Think of the color theory wheel!  What attracts, does opposites attract, what about an all monochromatic look, got a white theme going on what will keep the look minimalist and clean. If you are like me I like a lot of color so bright colors are a must! In these pictures I wanted it to go with my theme here on my blog, pinks, blues, and white!

3.Prop it up!
I love popping props in my shot! Look around your house and find what works! Magazines, flowers, candles, books, notebooks, props are endless! Play with different positions and don't be afraid to do something unconventional!  What about cool placemats! I found this one at the Goodwill for a buck! What would you find on a cart at an expensive hotel? What about what u would normally see trays, coffee mugs, of course dishware and utensils!

4.Where to eat….that is another Question
Where oh where is a perfect place to "eat." Ok so a lot of instagrammers like the white background such as a table or comforter since I have neither u have to make it work! I use poster boards to create the look I want! Want to look like you are sitting on a comfy white blanket get you a white sheet and ruffle it up! Find unconventional places to create the magic and don't feel silly doing it either! Once I'm done with the shot I go straight to my brown couch and sit down and enjoy hehe!

5.The PERFECT Angle
To flat lay or not to flat lay! It all depends on you! I like to do different angles because I don't want my feed to just be just a bunch of flat lays I like dimension that way when I'm stomped on what to post or if I want to right a blog post dealing with food then I have lots of options…I did these pics a couple of weeks ago and now I have a reason to post them. Always have back ups for future things!

6.Let's Get Technical
What if you don't have a dslr or point and shoot camera? I've done plenty of shots with just my phone! A lot of phones have become more acceptable in terms of camera functions and the iphone...AMAZING! It doesnt take much to make it look perfect! Here's what you need:
  1. Lighting
    • Brightness is key so get in front of a good window or heck go outside your neighbors will just have to look at you crazy hehe! Sometimes phones can cast weird shadows and we dont want that get to the light!
  2. Filters and Apps
    • Filters will be your best friend sometimes pics will come out grainy especially if you are in a dark room! Use filters to your advantage and even out crazy shadows or yellow spots with the right app! If you would like to know the photo editing apps I use let me know in the comments below!
    • Its important to know the difference between exposure and brightness, contrast and saturation, and highlights and shadows! 

These tips are my sure fire way of doing more for your Instagram feed and getting a ton of likes too!

Bonus tip: Tag people that you admire in the picture so they can come to you and like your stuff! You get more likes from a person with hundreds to even millions of followers! And you will most definitely get followers ;)

I'm thinking about doing more photography tips so let me know what you would like to see :)

In the comments below
Let me know if these were helpful tips and if you would like to see more post about photography?


  1. I can eat breakfast any time of the day, especially when it involves pancakes, hash browns, some eggs and grits with a little bit of butter and raisins on top. I love seeing creative food photos on Instagram. White background is my favorite, in fact I also use a poster board to create one. I also love to coordinate bright colors in my photos. It gives it life! Great tips. I love reading and learning on how I can improve my photography skills. You should definitely write more posts like this.

    Alina ♡ www.lifelovebeautyparadise.blogspot.com

  2. Your blog has given me that thing which I never expect to get from all over the websites. Its very easy to understand and very helpful. Nice post guys!