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6 Steps to Grunge Fashion

Wanting to change up your style can seem scary but you know what that's what Halloween is for! Dare to Wear different styles...today Its all about the Grunge 90's Nirvana'esqe Style!

This look is one of  my favorites. I've always had an edge to my semi girly style and this put all my personality and style in one! Grunge style was first made popular back in the 90's is making a comeback and I'm so glad its back! From the combat boots and  platform sneaks to flannel shirts and ripped jeans the grunge look is all about the carefree rocker! I wanted to take my style and personality, girly with a slight  edge and a pop of color, and put it all together to help you make the decision to wear something different this fall!

  How to Wear Grunge 
in the
Modern World!

Pick a color Palette!
This will come in handy if you don't know much about fashion but want to learn! I chose a black and white classic look because you can style it anyway you like! By adding this pop of pink it takes the outfit look up a notch and gives a come hither "I'm not going to bite"  vibe ;)

Pick an Outfit Piece that screams Grunge Fashion!
I love an outfit piece that stands out among the rest so I chose this longline plaid shirt dress  from Forever 21 for only $12! I actually got this free with the buy one get one free code a week ago ;) Its super comfy and easy to move around in.  Grunge is all about the easy to move in style! You can also find ripped distressed jeans for the cheap or you can make your own. Of course  Flannel Shirts will always be the 90's Staple Piece!

Check out more Shirt Dresses from Forever 21 here!
Pick Outwear that works for you!
I picked a short sleeve long cardigan because of course fall steal is undecided on whether it wants to be fall or not but anywhoooo! I love a long cardigan with this look it gives it a "I totes don't care" feel! You can also find moto jackets and distressed jean jackets as another way to wear this look!

Pick the Right Shoes!
Now you can't have grunge with out some crazy looking shoes. For me its my fave combat boots! I've been rocking this pair with every look lately. It's something about a combat boot that makes me feel bad-a$$ especially in my petite frame! Also platform sneakers are coming back too. You seen those in the summer as platform sandals but you can take these looks into the fall. I used to call these "bobos" don't ask me why but I never liked them haha!  Also if you have a pair of dirty converses thats a thing now to soooo yeah!

Accessorize like a Rock Star!
You need a stud accessory its kind of a must! For me I have this purse that was only like 5 bucks and I absolutely love it! You can find bohemian style necklaces and earrings to take the look to a more modern boho side if you like! A good hat will leave your bad hair day looking chick! I love a good fedora because it gives off a hippy vibe. Try a black hat for a low-key look. Instead of putting a choker on your neck(this just makes me look like a kid) I suggest putting in on your wrist for a cool look!

Dark Makeup!?
I went darker with my look! I chose brown lipstick for my skin tone and smoked out my eyes with a black or dark grey eyeshadow...remember to blend! I kept the eyeshadow on the outercorners to emphasize my wing liner and make my eyes look wider! You can never go wrong with a winged cat eye ;)

So there you go everything you need to know about style 90's Grunge in a Modern Way! I dare you to wear something you never thought you could wear. I've always been more on the edgy side of fashion but never really took it to wear I wanted it so this look is my way of daring myself to wear whatever the heck I want!

Don't be just another brick on the wall!

Hunt 4 Fashion Tips
 to Changing up your Style and Rocking the Fall!

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