Plaid Nail Art


Nail Art Inspired by the Fall Plaid Trend

Trends come and go but plaid will always stay! It's a universal pattern that brings versatility from the usual floral and stripe trends! You can literally put plaid on any thing and by the looks of Target Plaid commercial it's being brought to housewares and even to dental products…bring on the plaid listerine!!!!

In with the Old out with the New
So I wanted to share with you my first attempt at plaid nails! I decided not to do a video because I new this would be a little hard for me on my first go but if you would like to see a plaid nail tutorial let me know!!!!
So with this look I wanted it to go with 2 plaid pieces that I got guessed Goodwill! I tell you if you are looking for plaid and I'm talking about real wool plaid goodwill is a goldmine I mean plaidmine hehe! Anywho I picked some of the colors from the plaids and got out my nail polishes!
It's Not Easy Worth it!
It was really hard at first especially not having small precise brushes but I worked with what I had and it turned out pretty good of course I had to fix a few things but other than that 👌
What I would do differently
1.Have patience! That's my biggest problem with nail polish I want it to be done quick!
2.Take your time with each stripe and let them dry in between!
3.Get nail brushes! This is a must for looks as strenuous as this!
I recommend you all try this look! You can substitute these colors for anything and You'll get tons of compliments like I did! As this was my first time I believe you can do it too! Get your nail art on ladies!
Here are some more nail art inspirations to carry out your plaid obsession!!! And If you don't have the patience get Plaid Nails Stickers!

Stay Tuned!!!
The plaid epidemic is not going anywhere on my blog I got 4 amazing outfit inspired plaid looks coming your way in the next two days!!!! I'm so excited so you should be to hehe! Happy Nailing!

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Will you be trying out plaid nails?

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