Purple Plaid Nails Tutorial


Put A Nail In It!!!

Today I wanted to update you on my plaid nails look from last week! Since so many of you wanted to see a tutorial I wanted to do it for you!!! I've been getting a lot better with it and although it can be quite difficult *shaky hands* it is so beautiful when it is done. So I suggest you take your time and be patient trust me its not easy but well worth it! I also thought that it would be a great idea to raise awareness to Domestic Abuse for the month of October!

  What You'll Need:
 1.Three of your favorite colors
2.A Small Nail Brush 
3.Clear Nail Polish as Base and Top Coat

6 Steps to Plaid Nails
Step 1: 
 Paint your entire nail (I used a Lilac color)
Step 2:  
With your nail brush dip your brush in white Nail polish and create a cross on your nails this could be in the center or to the side of your nails.
Step 3: 
 With a Black nail polish and art brush outline the cross.
Step 4:  
Create a line in the middle of the white space of the cross horizontally and vertically.
Step 5:
 Add your statement stripe along the side of your nail close to the end of the nail.
Step 6: 
 Add Top Coat and You are Done!!!

We tend to forget amongst Breast Cancer Awareness(I'll be talking about this next week) that there is also another cause that is affecting women every single day and even killing them and that is Domestic Violence Awareness!  This cause was started in 1981 to bring awareness to many women and children dealing with Domestic Abuse. Domestic Violence Thrives when we are Silent so this is why we MUST talk about it! Too many women and children are hurting and dying in our society and it seems many just turn a blind eye to it in the media...THIS MUST STOP!

3 Ways to Raise Awareness for Domestic Abuse!

Financial Abuse is something that keeps people in a domestic abuse situation. It's hard for people to get out of a domestic abuse situation when they have no finacial means of getting out by donating you are helping one victim at a time make the right decision to leave.

2 Places To Donate: Safe Horizon and NNEDV

2. Put The Nail In IT
Safe Horizon Started #putthenailinit it's one way to showing that you are not turning a blind eye to it is by  Putting the Nail in it! What i mean by this is by painting one of your nails any shade of purple. Many men and women of all backgrounds and celebrities alike are showing there support!

3.Share, Share, Share
Show your support by showing it all over your social media platforms! Tag your friends and tell them to support to! Make a difference start a butterfly effect!!!

There are tons of ways to share your support with NNEDV they have a whole month of activities >click here< to bring awareness to domestic violence!

Do You know Someone who is being abused?
If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship whether its physical, sexual, emotional, and finacial abuse you need to take action. Talk to them, help them in anyway possible. Don't let them continue to be tortured by people who "claim" love them. Check out  National Network to End Domestic Violence or NNEDV to learn more about who is being abused and how you can help.

Are You Being Abused?
If you are being abused no that you are not alone unfortunately many are being abused and controlled but remember it is possible to get out of that situation! Check out the NNEDV Website for more information! Don't be another Statistic, GET HELP!

In the comments
In what ways will you be showing your support this month for Domestic Abuse Awareness?

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
Philippians 4:13 


  1. Cute design! Hoping those who need help will read this article and get help. Thanks for making a difference!
    -Cara Z

  2. Those are cute- I'm a sucker for plaid in the fall!

  3. So appropriate for this time of year when plaid prints are so popular! I'd love to do a design like this on my nails--they look great.

  4. I love plaid nails! I don't think I'd be able to do it though haha

    Great post :)

  5. This is such a great way to show support for Domestic Awareness, and thank you for the reminder to do what we can to contiribute, be it in monetary or in taking the time to show support in other ways. The nails are really cute too!


  6. this is a great way to bring awareness to the cause. we all know some pretty high profile cases have brought light to domestic violence and I'm glad people are more serious about it. emotional abuse is a biggie for me because it's subtle but damaging because it leaves nasty internal scars that take years to heal. Thanks for your post! :)

  7. Great post, shining some light on a serious and damaging domestic issue. Love the purple plaid nails too..

  8. This is so cool.... I have been in a mentally abusive relationship so I really appreciate this. ty x