3 Outfit Ideas Perfect for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and enjoy amazing food and good laughs! While many are planning the thanksgiving menu me and so many other fashionista are planning there fave #ootd for this special occasion.

After reading the Article on "The Only 3 Outfits Ideas You Need For Thanksgiving Dinner"  I thought it would be a great idea to showcase 3 of my favorite styles  for every occasion this Thanksgiving week too! Lets be honest we aren't just going to have just one Thanksgiving party or get together ESPECIALLY if you have a large family from all over! These 3 Looks are perfect because you basically have all of them in your closet. I'm just helping you decide on the perfect outfit....Your Welcome ;)

The "Casual Cozy" Girl
When it's just me and my family I'm totally this girl! Its easy to just lay around in sweats but why not get festive for the season and look a little more put together. You'll still be able to stuff like there is no tomorrow and you'll be cute if any unexpected family members decide to visit!

What You'll Need:
1.Sweater: At home...sweater time!!!
2.Stretchy jeans: Move around in stretchy jeans or jeggings!
3.Flats or Shoes: Stay comfortable and cute...it is totes possible!

The "Meet the Parents" Girl
Meeting the Parents can be daunting and its especially nerve racking when trying to find the perfect outfit...#priorities!  So lets go in between casual and formal and pick pieces that work for any occasion just in case! 
What You'll Need:
1.Button Down Shirt: Everybody loves this classic look! It gives off  a" I'm a Responsible Adult" vibe! 
2.Dark Wash Jeans: Dark blue jeans gives off a laid back "totally chill" look to any blouse
3.Ankle Boots: Boots are always a good in between casual and dressy shoe!

The "Formal Get Together" Girl
We all have that one side of the family that likes to make Thanksgiving glam! So get out some comfy yet dressy pieces that still makes you look on point but will still allow you to eat the 3 pieces of turkey legs you are about to devour ;)

What You'll Need:
1.Loose Blouse: Helps to keep the fat tummy baby at bay!
2.Loose Dressy Joggers: Stretchy yet classy!
3.Kitten Heels: You'll be walking around might as well be comfy!

In the Comments below
What is your style for Thanksgiving?


  1. I adore the 'meet the parents' look! As for me I'm all about the dresses on Thankgving... more room!!

    1. I love that look too! Its so laid back and chill but still stylish lol! Yes dresses are another great option too! :)

  2. Love your third outfit! It's so classy but not overdone! So cute!

    xo, Chelsie @ LIfe with Roise

  3. Love your outfit picks! I did a similar post last week, so much fun! : )

  4. I love the casual look! It's so chilled out :D

  5. I love all of the looks especially the casual cozy. I need to be comfortable.
    Serena @God4bandme

  6. ♥♥♥

    kisses from bali

  7. Love these looks. I love that the formal look is still comfortable looking


  8. Sorry I'm late ! I love all of your looks! So I really do not have a favorite because I would wear every single one!

  9. Cute outfits! I wore a plaid dress for Thanksgiving along with a leopard print scarf to hide the "food baby"...lol. Thanks for sharing. Hopped over from #linkupwithlisa :)

  10. I love the ourfits! I am a simple dresser and most posts that I see are too complicated. so thank you!