6 Ways to Wear Tights for Fall and Winter!


How to Style Tights the Easy Way 

Get a leg up this fall and winter! You remember as little girls we used to wear tights with just about anything...dresses, skirts, and even shorts! Tights were the "IN" trend for us girls before we knew what Fashion was! When Blair Waldorf ruled the Upper East Side in Gossip Girls tights became even more of a fashion statement and now its back better than ever! Tights are among the most essential items that needs to be in any fashion lovers closet if you want to weather the cold in style! So I came up with some awesome ideas on how to wear tights to bare the upcoming cold season!

Blackout Your Look!

Black Tights

Style your favorite LBD with black tights and platforms! If you are short like me(4'11) this will come in handy when you want to look extra tall! So take a cue from the monochramatic trend and do all black from head to toe literally !

Get Wool Legs!!!

Textured Tights

Add warm textures like knit tights for an alternative to basic black tights! It keeps the look classy but with a spin! By adding knit textures gives your winter outfit and updated flair. Try lace looking knits in white for a wintery feel ;)

Color Your Legs

Oxblood Tights and Houndstooth

Go Bold and get you some color in your life! Oxblood tights under a hounds-tooth coat does wonders for a black and white look! But DONT I repeat DON'T wear bright colors over more bright colors that just goes from classy to clownish real quick! If you want to wear bright colored tights go for a darker look on the top and bottom!

Experiment with Patterns

Pattern Tights
Now don't get crazy with the patterns but patterns like CLASSY fishnets, subtle polka dots or florals on sheer black stockings, and even plaid would look so cute paired with your fave mini skirt! Try adding pattern tights underneath your ripped jeans!  Stick to patterns in one color so that  your outfit isn't too busy unless you know how to rock it...THE RIGHT WAY!

Get Nude!

Nude Tights

Sheer tights look great in black or nude! You can wear so many of your outfits with a sheer tight! You can even wear a bright dress or skirt!

Bonus Tip!
Knee High tights are still acceptable in the winter months too! You can wear them alone or under some black sheer tights with wool knee high tights for an added textured!

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