Holiday Starry Nails and Giveaway!!!

The Holidays are officially here so you know what that means lots of nail tutorials! It's always fun to change up your nails especially for the holidays. Now you don't have to go far as to have Santa nails and reindeer on each finger but you can create simple nail looks that give you a more holiday vibe.

I created this Sparkle Star Nail tutorial that is seriously super easy and even a  beginner can do this. You can do your best hand with the stars  and leave the other hand alone ;) I'm no nail expert and I got the most shakiest hands EVER but if I can do it you can too! Stay tuned till the end and enter for a chance to win the most beginner friendly nail kit ever!

Sparkle Stars Tutorial
What You'll Need
Your favorite sparkly nail color
Glitter Nail Polish
White Nail Pen 
White Nail Polish and a Toothpick(as a dotting tool)

How To Make
1.Apply the nail color of your choice and let dry.

2. On 3 of your nails add the glitter nail polish to the tips of your nails.

3. On your ring finger apply glitter nail polish on the whole finger.

4. On your middle finger create a star on the side of your nail and add big/small white dots on the other side of the star!(Look at stars and circles shapes below for reference) 

I'm featuring Be Me Nails once again as I did in my Halloween Nails Tutorial and they were so gracious as to provide another giveaway just for you featuring A Festive Collection of Nail Polishes and Pens!
Be Me Nail Art Pens Available At:

In the Comments Below 
What would you create with this nail collection?


  1. Hi Jasmine! I'm not entering as I don't think nailpolish can be sent overseas, but just wanted to say I love this mani! It's such a cute design. :)

  2. I love your nail art creation. I tried to do nail art with a regular brush and it did not work! I think a nail art pen would be the best thing for me to use!

  3. Love this nail look you created! I would love to win these since they look so easy to use! I would create a glittery nail look especially for new years eve!

  4. You did a great job, beautiful nail art! I pretty much suck at it..ha...well we all have our talents and it's definitely yours! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I love the nails designs you did! My girls like to paint every nail a different color. At least they would be matching with this set.

  6. I would be daring and try to create snowflakes!

  7. Pretty! I love fun & beautiful nails!!

  8. These look so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway x


  9. I'm such a newbie, I'd need a tutorial for guidance ;) but def a holiday manicure!

  10. Awww how pretty! Love that nail art!

  11. I would try geometric shapes.

  12. i would try star designs and galaxy designs!

  13. I would create a polka dots on each nail.

  14. This would be my first time doing nail art, but I want to use these to learn

    1. I guess I would go for flowers

  15. First time doing nail art but I'd do something festival!

  16. I would love to do some christmas nail art! Maybe making my nails look like a present or a christmas tree!