How to Dress from Day to Night while Traveling....Vegas Style!!!

Travel with me into my imagination of how I would spend one day in Vegas and how I would style my #UltimateVegasOut fashion look from Day to Night by and the Las Vegas Hotels!

How to Choose the Perfect Outfit

We have so much we can put in a suitcase if we are traveling...I know some of us fashionistas(me included) can never have too much though! However I like to be versatile when styling pieces for vacations especially if its a one day trip! So I imagined myself in one of the best Vegas the beautiful Aria Resort and Casino. I'd  imagine what I would wear on a day out in the city of course keeping with the Vegas Flare!

Vegas Dreaming

I would begin my day at the Aria Cafe where I'll sit and eat the most delicious pancakes and I cant forget the pastries YUM....hey its Vegas!

After Going on a shopping spree  at  Crystals  and taking major photo ops(fashion blogger probs!) its time for new food and a different place the Bardot Brasserie looks too lovely not to go to especially with its Parisian vibe! Seriously one day I'm going to have Lobster Thermidor from there!  So I change my clothes and I'm ready to hit the nightlife scene! 

Whats great about this look is I kept the look really simple and I also stayed with the same accessories...ladies that mean less accessories to bring and more clothes to take ;) I don't know how cold it gets at night in the Sin City but this baby will be with me all night just in case!

What's Vegas with out a little crazy...Zarkaana by Cirgue du Soleil will ease my mind just fine! Afterwards I may stop by a nightclub to see what the fuss is about ...who knows ;) 

So I hope you all enjoy my little imagery  of going to Las Vegas for a day! Hopefully I'll be able to see this glorious place in its finest one day but until then I'll be Vegas Dreamin! 

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If you could go to Vegas what would be the first thing  you would like to do?

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