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Self-Expression through innovative colour cosmetics

I was recently contacted by a new cosmetics company and was sent some Ah-Mazing Products! When I first checked out there site I noticed there symbol was of a butterfly wing...and since obviously my spirit animal is basically a butterfly(thats a thing right?!?) I had to see what they were all about!

Colour Prevails offers multi-functional cosmetics that help to create an awesome masterpiece even from a person that is just a lets get into it!

I love this lipstick/lipgloss formula in Tropical Pink! The color is absolutely perfect for my skin tone!!! I'm always so afraid of getting a lipstick online and it completely washing me out but this beauty was heaven sent! The lipgloss formula gives off a sheer gloss feel so you can wear it with or with out the lipstick! The tube it comes in is magnificent with its signature butterfly wing on one end and on the other end an accurate color of the lipgloss/lipstick formula. The lipstick is a matte lip color but it leaves my lips moisturized and stays put for a long time!

Colour Prevails also have other killer combos such as a lip and balm stain, lip liner and sheer tint, and a classic lip duo without the matte all for under $15! They also have products for the entire face and eyes!

When I seen the casing of this nail polish I was like...yassssss!
Something about the handle of this  just gives me better control of the way I polish my nails! The nail color in "Date Night" is beautiful. It has a kind of champagne shimmery color and its something that I do not own...thank goodness! I looked through  their nail collection and found alot of pretty colors that I got to get my hands on! They also dry extremely seriously I need all of them pronto!!! I'm the type of girl that likes to do her nails but can't sit still long enough for them to dry! So this comes in handy alot! You only need two coats of this and you are out the door! You can also get the base coat and top coat to really make your nails pop and keep them healthy! I also received this super cute nail file that got my nails looking right before I added the nail polish!

Makeup Play
I decided to do a little makeup just to showcase the lipstick/lipgloss duo a little more! I'm truly impressed by this brand not just for the simple fact that it has butterflies on all of there seriously look around my blog you'll understand why I love that! But also because everything is so affordable, multi-functional, has a vast array of face, eyes, nails, and lip products that can really be a beginners makeup kit or as for me a seasoned makeup lovers kit!

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