November Style Guide: Fashion Ideas to Keep You Warm!

Not long and its going to be...WINTER!

Ok did I get your attention, good! Yep winter is almost here so its time to start getting prepared for even warmer clothing and stepping up our winter accessories game! Around November it starts to get a lot colder not to mention that dreadful end to daylight savings time! So I got a few November style Ideas that I'll be incorporating into my own attire and I hope you can get some awesome tips and tricks to stepping up your wardrobe this month!

*This post was inspired by Lauren Conrads November Style Tips!*

November Style Ideas

Make Your Coat a Statement Piece!
From Furs, Pastels, Duster Coats to even Puffy Coats chiller temps REQUIRE an over the top...yet warm coat for a chic and sophisticated look! You can take a basic outfit up a notch with just a coat! Pair your look dressy with dresses and heels or casual with jeans and classic white shoe for a minimalist look worthy of instagram! 

Get Your Accessories Game on Point!
Floppy hats are a must this year in fashion(Why don't you have one yet?!) so rack up on neutral colors such as black, tan, and brown. For more casual days get out a warm knit beanie to wear with and oversized knit sweater, some leggings or jeans and boots maybe even uggs...yes I said uggs! Try it and be reformed haha!
Love this streetstyle look!

Leg Game Strong
Speaking of Leggings this staple piece is perfect for all the Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving shenanigans! What I love about the new leggings out there is that they are not see through anymore! Cue the hallelujah music!  We have so many varieties out there now from sequins to leather! Pair them  down with casual sneakers or dress them up with pointed toe flats or men wear loafers! 
Love this classic look with this adorable top!

Get Toasty Under a Blanket...Scarf!
I'm in love with blanket scarves as you can tell in my guest post on How to style an oversized poncho! You can wear them in many different ways such as a poncho, scarf(depends on size), or as a shawl around a dress for a fancy Thanksgiving party!

Boot Season is a Go...I Repeat it's a Go!!!
Yes get those thigh high boots out the closet! If its still warm where you live try adding a flowy mini dress with your thigh high boots. Or if you are in the colder states already pair a boot with a monochromatic outfit look and get that statement coat or blanket scarf and floppy hat out...FIERCE! 
Love this look from Instagramer and Blogger Emily Gemma
 I hope you all learned some new tricks for styling your clothes this month! I'll be showcasing a lot of these looks on the blog for the month of November soooo stay tuned ;)
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  1. Great post love !
    I'm going to New York in a week. I'll be wearing my new suede trench to keep warm .