3 Perfect Makeup Looks for the Holidays


This holiday season not only brings cold, snow, and not to mention Mistletoes, but it also brings family dinners, company parties, and lots of gatherings with friends. Your Makeup has to be on point wherever you go, RIGHT?! So I wanted to showcase 3 Make up Looks that will surely get you in the festive spirit not to mention they are pretty quick to do...BONUS!

 I did a guest post over on Beyond Black and White where I showed you how to turn 2 day time looks into party night looks perfect for the holiday season! Check out the tutorials here!

1. The Double Threat Cat Eye

2. The Smoked Out Bombshell

3. The Christmas Doll
Btw this is my first ever Holiday Makeup Tutorial on my YouTube Channel, Go Check it Out ;)

In The Comments
Which look would you rock?

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  1. I love your three eye looks for the Holidays!



  2. The Christmas fill is cute loved the video girl!

  3. I love the different eye makeup looks! All are perfect for the holidays.

  4. The Bombshell look is my favorite!

  5. These are gorgeous! I wish I was as talented as you! I love the double wing one but I couldn't do that for my life but I'm definitely trying the secong look out for Christmas!
    I missed you!!!