10 Beauty Tips and Tricks for Girls with Glasses!


Makeup Tips and Tricks for Glasses

If you are a eyeglass wearer like myself, then you know the joys and pains of finding a good pair and actually wearing them. In my last post about The Most Flattering Frames for Your Face Shape, I shared with you how to find the perfect pair of glasses with Warby Parker Glasses. I told you also that I was going try out their Home Try On Program and I got them in less than 5 days! Most of the frames I chose were from their Spring collection! Check out their other Eyeglasses here! I'm in love with them all! Which ones are your favorite? Today it is all about how to wear your glasses now...with makeup of course!

 Before I started wearing contacts I would have to wear my glasses religiously...I can't barely see anything yall! However, the one thing that has never stopped me from wearing my glasses was my makeup. I love making a statement with my eyes! I would throw on smokey looks, colorful looks it didn't matter I loved it and I knew how to rock it! Indeed I did, but, I know that for others it can be a little tricky wearing makeup with glasses, especially if you are a beginner.

I wanted to help you with some tips and tricks I've learned and have research that can help you make your peepers(your eyes) pop behind your frames!

Makeup for Glasses

Simple Does the Eyes Good
I love a good cat eye! Apply tons of mascara to open up the eyes because, sometimes with glasses our eyes tend to appear smaller. Try a waterproof mascara for a smudge-free look that is sure to make your eyes stand out! A smokey eye can make your eyes look darker, save this for when you are wearing contacts!

Brighten and Conceal
Brighten up your peepers with a concealer that highlighters and covers. Use a  yellow or orange correctors to cancel out any  purple or blues underneath your eyes and anywhere there is bruising.

Make it Pop!
Instead of using color on your eyes why not try your lips! There are so many lip colors out in many different finishes such as matte, semi matte, semi glossy to glossy, lip jumbo pencils, and lacquers! You can pair it with a cat eye or with just mascara for a clean effect!

Brow Drama
Most of the time the frames will not cover the eyebrows so we need to make sure your brows are neat and clean. Use a tweezer to clean up any unwanted hair and then use your favorite brow kit to define! Make sure that the parts of your eyebrows on the outside of your frames  are even with your glasses. Check out this my tutorial on How to Get Clean Natural Brows!

Go Bold with Strong Frames
You can get away with wearing strong makeup looks like smokey eyes with strong frames. A bold eyeliner look with a dark eyeshadow close to your bottom lashes gives your eyes and edgy look. Make sure the bottom lash area is clean from any fall out afterward!

The thicker the frame the bolder the makeup look!

Go Minimal with Delicate Frames
Keep it simple with frames that are smaller. You don't want your eye makeup to over power these frames for fear of looking to dark in the eyes. REMEMBER: Thin liners for thin glasses!

The Thinner the frame the simpler the makeup look!

Don't let your eye makeup compete with your glasses
Just like in #5 or #6 we don't need competition between the two just a basic understanding. If you want to wear the same color eyeshadow as your glasses then make sure that the color is lighter than the color of your frames. Add a darker color in the crease for contrast! A lighter color stands out instead of drawing your eyes inward for a dark look.

Sometimes dark rimmed or thick frames cast a dark shadow on your eyes. To brighten up your eyes and your face add a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes and then highlight your cheekbones.

Blushing Babe
Get a nice flush with a blush that compliments your natural skin tone.

Fair: Light Pinks, corals, and peaches
Medium: Warm Pinks, deep peaches, and mauve
Dark: Deep Fuchsia, warm browns, and tangerines

Play up your other features
Don't be afraid to do something different with your hair. Do a nice blowout with waves if you have long flowy hair, add a top bun if you are feeling lazy,  or pull your hair behind your ears for a sleek style. My all time favorite way to stand out is adding a fedora, headbands, or the parisian beret! Wearing glasses make certain hairstyles and hats stand out, so, switch up your style every now and again.

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  1. Great tips and OMG your photography skills! I love how much effort you're putting into your blog!

    XO Isaya

  2. I don't wear reading glasses but I do wear sunglasses everyday. It's annoying when the bit that sits either side of my nose rubs off my concealer despite setting powder. Love your tips here!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. This is a great post! :)

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  4. My glasses make my eyes look tiny, so I always make sure I add extra coats of mascara and mainly focus on my lips with my entire makeup look!

  5. I love this post and these pictures, you just put a smile on my face.

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