10 Productive Things to Do on a Boring Day!


Did Winter Storm Jonas Leave You in a Bored Rut!

This past weekend there was a snow storm that brought...well lots of snow! I was stuck in a hotel all weekend, and I couldn't have been more happier. I couldn't go anywhere but I found things to do to occupy my time. Some, like myself, are introverted and loves solitude. However, I believe we all can take a cue from the introverts especially on snowy days! We can still be productive and have fun all at the same time! Whether it's writing, getting your skin care under control with a spa night, cleaning up your room and getting rid of things. These are just a few ways to stay productive. However this being Color U Bold I want you to still have fun! 

Things to do when bored

No surprise I would say this especially since my Round Up Post on Monday. If you are a blogger this will come in handy! You can stock up on a couple of rough drafts,  write a blog post, write an E-book, or just write for the sake of it! I was able to post 2  blog articles yesterday because I had already had plenty of rough drafts and plus I just felt like it :D

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Catch up on Reading
That could be anything from reading others blogs, finishing up your favorite book, or read a pile of magazines. I love re-reading old magazines from 2011 on up just to see how far our fashion and makeup trends have come.

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Have a Spa Night
Pamper yourself a little! How can this be productive, you'll be surprised! Get out your favorite Lush Products, dim the lights, and pop on some soothing music! DIY a mask or buy one. There are tons of mask now on the market! Get rid of or reduce acne in a day or de-stress for the week ahead.

Bake Treats
If you are foodie like me and love sweet things, why not bake some! If you know you'll be snowed indoors for awhile get everything you need the day before. What's even better if you cook to much you could share them with your neighbors and make new friends!

Clean up Your Room
You know you need to do it! Get out your working shoes, turn on some upbeat music and sing and clean away! Start at one part of your room, like your dresser, and get that cleaned up before you move on to your closet. Don't just go all over the place you'll be cleaning up your room all day or just quitting!

Get Rid  of Stuff
While you are in your closet check out what needs to go! Put them in a bag and be ready to ship them off to your local Goodwill or give to friends and family. I got a ton of clothes and shoes from my aunt and I was so grateful! Clean out your makeup section. I know there are tons of expired items in there and you know it too ;)

Schedule Out Your Month
If you like to stay organized then take a planner or even a calendar and write down what you would like to accomplish this month. Do you have some events to attend or want to attend some events then write those down. Want to have luncheon with friends plan for that too! The same goes with bloggers write down what you want to blog about for the month!

Pose for the Camera 
Take pictures whether they are product photos, outfit pics, or makeup looks. These will come in handy for sharing on Instagram or on your blog. Get inspiration from pinterest and just take pictures regardless if it's for anything. When it snowed a couple weeks back I took some photos in the snow that you can see in my How To Wear Pastels in Winter. It was fun doing something so daring and different!

Phone a Friend
If you live by yourself and you are snowed in or just don't feel like going anywhere, just phone a friend or family member. Someone would love to hear your voice. Texting is informal and we do it all the time why not just surprise someone.

Learn a New Skill
Learn a new recipe, learn how to create a printable, learn all about blogging. You can find all of my blogging tips here! If you feel you are not good at something why not just try your hand at it...literally! Try a new makeup technique if it doesn't work out the pleasure of knowing no one saw it but you and the one of above is all that matters! This is your time to try things and heck fail at somethings, but also win at somethings. You may even find a new passion.

What are some of your favorite things to do when snowed in or if you are just bored?


  1. You have a lot of great tips! I need to start getting rid of stuff. I have to much stuff :)

  2. These are great! Going to do a few of these when I'm bored, definatley pampering myself it's an excuse too now!
    Demi xxx

  3. Great ideas! A few days ago my whole town's electricity went off so I was pretty bored that day, I did catch up on my reading but I never thought of all these amazing ideas!

    Saving this in my bookmarks!

    XO Isaya

  4. Great ideas. I am going to pin this for later. We are always bored on rainy days.

  5. Great tips! I am in college but sometimes, I need a "brain break" without being lazy so these are good ideas for my breaks!
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

  6. I love all these ideas except for clean up your room, LOL! I love writing, reading and baking on boring days!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  7. Great list no night is ever boring when you can just catch up or reading or writing

  8. I wish I sometimes had nothing to do :P Great post for dealing with unproductivity !

  9. Getting rid of stuff is ALWAYS my go to...if I'm feeling stuck I put some Hoarders on in the background...that gives me a good kick in the pants ;) LOL

    Love this list!