10 Tips for Gorgeous Winter Skin


How to Stay Moisturized and Avoid Dryness in the Blistery Cold 

Cold weather can be very drying. I wanted to share with you my skincare hacks for staying moisturized, soft, and flake free this winter!

Tip 1: Set a Timer for 10 minutes in the Shower to Reduce Skin Dryness
To much hot water can dry out the skin  in the water so by setting a timer helps you protect your skin.

Bonus: Leave the fan off in the bathroom so that when you get out the heat from the air moisturizes the skin. Think of it as your own personal sauna!

Tip 2: Get an Hydrating Mist
One of my favorite is Derma E Hydrating Mist with Hyaluronic Acid. It leaves the skin refreshed and rehydrated. Spraying a mist like this on the face doesn't clog pores and Hyaluronic Acid ups your face moisture and locks in tons of H2O!

Tip 3: Use a deep moisturizing mask as  a deep moisturizing lotion
I love heavier moisturizers in the winter but deep moisturizing mask that has a 2 n 1 component  adds an extra layering for the skin. Leave on for softer skin instantly. I'm absolutely in love with Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask.

Tip 4: Use Vaseline to over-moisturize your hands and feet. 
After applying your Vaseline generously put on warm socks and gloves. I swear by this tip its my favorite thing to do! Even if its not nighttime I apply tons of Vaseline on my hands and feet before I'm about to go out into the blistery cold. When I take them my gloves and socks I'm left with extremely hydrated skin.

Bonus: Don't forget to moisturize your cuticles for healthy fingernails during the winter! Try an oil!

Tip 5: Apply Chapstick with SPF
This is a must during the winter! You need to find chap sticks with shea butter, coconut butter, or any other natural oil to keep lips supple all day. I'm not talking about those fancy chap sticks with cute names and birthday cakes smells. You need to keep your lips soft and protected with SPF.

Bonus: Do not lick your lips, it only worsens the component of dry chapped lips.

Tip 6:  Exfoliate Lips 
Exfoliate every week at least once a week. I like to use my favorite... of course vaseline! I use sugar to mix and exfoliate the lips! This helps to get rid of built up dead skin on lips.

Tip 7: Use natural oils to keep hair frizz free.
I love shea butter and  coconut oil for moisturizing the hair. There are also plenty of oil treatments out there to keep hair damage free in the winter such as L'Oreal EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment.

Tip 8: Add oil to your foundation and concealer
This tip is something I learned from Wayne Goss from Youtube. For concealers It helps to reduce creasing under the eyes while moisturizing the under eye. Oil in foundation also aids in hydration for the face. .

Tip 9: Apply Cream based highlighters and blush.
During the Winter our skin can flake pretty bad especially if you have dry to extra dry skin. Apply cream based highlighters and blush to the face to keep the face looking glowy and flake-free.

Bonus: Mix your  powder highlighters or blush with vaseline to create a cream base.

Tip 10: For cracked elbows apply chapstick to them!
I remember doing this on the bus on the way to school whenever I forgot to lotion up! I took my chap stick and just applied with my finger a little on to my cracked elbows. Not cute to have ashy elbows ladies!

What is one of your tips for staying moisturized during the winter?

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  1. Thanks for the tips. My hands definitely suffer in the winter months as they become exceptionally dry.

    I have never tried adding oil to my foundation powder. I agree that powder/cream can sit in creases around the eyes-not a good look!

  2. Some fab tips here! I always use my left over lip balm to moisturise my cuticles with haha :) I love using the Origins overnight mask as an intensive moisturiser too, my favourite new discoverys are sheet masks, they hydrate my skin so well xx

  3. Great tips! Exfoliating lips are super crucial in the winter! There's nothing worse than chapped lips!!


  4. I love hydrating mists. I may have to look into the Derma one. Your skin is FLAWLESS.