Bye Bye Winter Blues: How to Break a Downward Spiral into Depression

Or Is it Really Just the Winter Blues?

If you are only sad or depressed during a particular season then S.A.D better known as Seasonal Affective Disorder is something you should look into. Now I'm not saying go diagnose yourself because REMEMBER we are going to break that spiral of depression! However, It's a  yearly mood disorder that makes you depressed during a particular part of the year most common, the dark winter season! I mean who wouldnt feel a little down with this crazy weather we are having! 

This used to be the worst time of year for me. The weather was unbearably cold, daylight felt as though it lasted for a mere second, and my energy was at its all time lowest. My concentration would be all over the place and in a constant state of worry and anxiety. This was also the part of the year where weight gain would creep up on me like a thief in the night! Although those days are long behind me now, thank goodness, I wanted to help you or someone you may know overcome this seasonal depression and break the downward spiral of straight up sadness!

1. Don't Hate Me, BUT, Exercise!
You need to exercise and not indoors! I'm talking about getting outside and having a light walk or jog around your neighborhood. The exposure to light in addition to increase exercise will help trigger your happy hormones!

2. Get Healthy from the Inside!
You have to take care of yourself starting on the inside. Take  your vitamins especially your Vitamin D! You will be surprised at how much you need Vitamin D. My levels were so low after checking with my doctor no wonder I slept all the time, was fatigued, and depressed! Some of you may need regular off the counter type of vitamins but others like me need over 50,000 Units of Vitamin D! If you feel your Vitamin D may be low check with your doctor.

3. Sing In the Shower!
Yep first thing in the morning get up and take a steaming shower, remember not too long because we have to keep our skin looking gorgeous in the winter. Turn on your spotify, pandora, itunes, or whatever you may have on and tune out to some upbeat melodies! This is one of my favorite things to do while in the shower. Upbeat music instantly puts anyone in a freaking awesome mood! Cue Becky J's Shower Song ;)

4. Get a Hobby!
Do you have something you've been wanting to try out. How about trying out coloring books for adults! Seriously just try it out, with all the bright colors you are using that's sure to give you happy vibes! How about joining a club where you live or volunteer at your local retirement home. Seeing the smiles on older people faces will send love straight to your heart!

5. Get Spiritual!
Sometimes we need an extra source of comfort. Becoming one with yourself will help you understand what's going on in your brain. If you are religious become one with God or your higher source. Pray, read your devotional or bible, have quiet times to talk about what's going on and find solutions. Not so religious why not try yoga, read motivational quotes and articles, have quiet times to reflect on what's going on and again find solutions. For me I knew my S.A.D was coming when I started to get away from God so I had to reel myself back in and talk to God. It's all about what works for you.

I truly hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me! Even this December I felt myself crawling back into the pits of my own despair until I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We have to make a conscious effort to break the depression we are in. These tips will only help if and when you are ready.



  1. Winter definitely affects me, and I am trying my best so I am able to go for vacation after winter holidays. It's a very pricey solution for a winter blues, but it's definitely one of the most effective.

    I also agree with you on the importance of having hobbies. It definitely helps! I love knitting during the cold season. What is your hobby, Jasmine?

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    1. Yes that's awesome Katya! Vacations are amazing especially for getting over the winter blues ooooh that should have been one of my tips haha! I've always wanted to try knitting or sewing so those are awesome hobbies! It may sound corny but writing haha! I just love writing anything and everything it really makes me the happiest person ever!

  2. This is a wonderful post! It is BEYOND important to keep yourself moving if you're suffering from any form of depression. (even if it's the last thing you WANT to do, lol) Also, keeping yoursef grounded with a hobby and healthy in both body and spirit will do wonders.

    Great tips! So glad I found your blog! ♥♥

    1. Thank you I'm glad you found it too!!! I completely agree with you :)

  3. This is a great post!�� All your tips are spot on & I've seen them make an AMAZING difference. I like to boost my healthy happy foods walnuts,berries,all fruit smoothies,yogurt.

    1. Thank you!!! Healthy eating is soooo important I've been noticing that alot lately!!!

  4. My problem is that I find it very hard to get up in the mornings when it gets so cold and dark in winter. Also, it's quite common to get depressed after the festive season, when you've put on so much weight... I find it hard to get back into a routine. Thanks for the tips!

  5. OMG yes! This is such a great post. I found out not that long ago that I definitely had symptoms of SAD, and I quickly went out to get a small light therapy thing that I use in the mornings. It has helped quite a bit, but just knowing what and why I feel the way I feel during the winter always helped a whole lot. I will definitely try out your tips!