DON'T STOP NOW: Stick to Your Resolution

"Would you believe me if I said I could help you keep your new years resolution?"

As mentioned in my Previous Post, Resolutions can be daunting that's normally why many of us decide "eh I don't need a resolution" or "I can never stick to a resolution." WRONG you can achieve your goals and then start making new ones! It's absolutely possible!

For as many New Years as I can remember I created resolutions such as losing weight by summer, or falling in love by December(don't judge I was teen -_-), or  even changing up my whole self in terms of style and personality! I finally came to the realization that these resolutions were not only too broad and long term but they were never going to work! Year after year I did it but over the past months I've had a literal "aha moment!" So without further adieu I give to you my tips and tricks that have allowed me to stick to my goals.


Brain Storm 
It's time to get your thinking cap on...remember when teachers said that as a kid ha! Figure out the 1 to 3 main things you feel you need to work on! Find goals that are not very broad.

Write It Down
Keep your thinking caps on and get a notebook out! I'm not talking about putting it in a phone, nope writing it down makes it seem official! You feel like you are really doing something!

Break it down
Ok now that you wrote out your goal.You know the what now you need to know the how! Make step by steps on how you are going  to get there. I like to create a simple  web charts like back in school, put in my goals, and branch out by writing what I can do to get there!

* For example I want to get more readers to my blog. Ok well I'll need steps to get there maybe 3 to 4 steps in order to get the amount that I would like. One step would be interactions on other blogs, another interaction on social media, and so on.*

Create a Timeline 
Having a timeline helps you see an endpoint. When you can see the endpoint it will not seem as daunting. Go for short term goals (^ remember the goals you've broke down earlier^). Short term goals that last sometimes a day, a week,  a month, 2 months,  but no more than 3 months.  Seriously our brain and willpower can't hold no longer than that! Write it down and make it plain!

Stick to The Plan and Never Give Up
You brainstormed what your New Years Resolution/s are. You Wrote it down on pen and paper. You Broke your long term goals down into smaller more feasible goals and you have an endpoint for each goal. Now just get up each morning and say you will not give up...not today, then sit down with your nice warm cup of tea or coffee, and write out your to do list for that day! If you mess up one day, IT'S OK, get right back up the next day and work even harder!

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Good Luck and Happy Goal Making :) 

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  1. That is a great path! Happy 2016!

  2. I usually shy away from resolutions because I hate to not follow through. These are great ideas.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style