How to Beat Winter Sickness in 7 Steps!


Get Over Winter Sickness Faster Now!

Last week I came down with a bad case of Strep Throat, bleh just the word takes me back! I laid in bed almost all week and was afraid I would be sick for New Years Eve. Call it superstitious, but, I was not trying to go into the new year sick! I didn't go into the New Years Sick! Although I was only sitting on my couch with a nice hot drink in hand watching the ball drop I was determined not to be laid out like a sick baby! So, I'm going to share with you my Top 7 Tips for Beating Winter Sickness, no matter what kind it is! Let's show this sickness who's Boss this winter season!

1.Embrace Your Ugly Side
Yes we all have our ugly side and I had that last week! I'm talking bed head mess, not the cute bed head! You are going to be spitting, blowing your nose, making weird cough noises. Your eyebrows wont be on flick, your nose will be red, your eye bags will be abnormally low...and ITS OK, EMBRACE IT!

2.Keep Hydrated
Now that our beauty regimen is out of the way lets talk drinks! Hot, Hot, Hot drinks all day long. You may get sick of that and girls did I! My favorite drink and something I have surprisingly started drinking now even after my sickness, is Hot Water, Lemon, and Honey! It just takes so good! Going natural in turns of hydration is key for a fast recovery. My throat felt amazing after each sip!

Mother's Tip: If you have a sore throat gargle in Hot water with tons of salt! It relieves the throat quicker than cough drops!

3.Enjoy Your Room
I stayed in my room all day every day for at least 4 days! I hate to admit but it was a good 4 days staying in my room, you want to know why? I had all my favorite things from obviously my comfy bed with tons of blankets to my tv with plenty of movies to watch! I was literally set for the next week if I had to go that long! Get yourself some movies, books, and even your laptop. I actually enjoyed not getting on my laptop but my phone did make up for that!

4.Stay Warm
Blankets and lots of it! I''m talking about comforters, fuzzy blankets, quilts what ever you can get your hands on, GET IT! On top of lots of blankets you need to stay warm in term of clothing too. Sweaters, sweatpants, beanies, fuzzy socks, heck gloves if you have too. By Staying warm you can literally sweat out the sickness and by day 3 I was sweating like a crazy person! I know this is what helped break the sickness for sure!

5.Go to The Doctor
After Day 2 I had to go check out what was going on with me. At first I thought it was the flu, nope it was Strep Throat and thank goodness I did go. Its important to figure out what you have because going to google does not always help...I learned my lesson. I received pills and was on my way to a faster recovery!

Mother's Tip: If your Mom says go to the doctor...GO TO THE DOCTOR!  Do not try to "wait it out."

6.Sleep but not to much
I slept all day for a couple of days of the sickness. Sometimes its a good thing to do, especially if you just can't take the heat, pun intended! However you need to get up and move around. I know one day I slept so much I was just too dizzy when I got up. Remind your body that you can still walk even if its just for a few minutes. Sit up and do something that will not drain you out, see tip 3!

7.Remember this too Shall Pass!
I have to be honest on the last day of my sickness I had a mental breakdown and started crying because I couldn't go to sleep (Ironic sense I've been sleep all week ha!) and when I did I woke up in  hot sweats! I can look back and laugh because all I wanted was some sleep but the very next day I felt so good and I was back to my normal self. I think my family was very happy to see me back to being chipper!

If you are facing a cold or fear you may be getting one, take these tips with you for a smooth, faster recovery! Good luck ;)

What are your favorite Remedies for Beating Sickness?


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I do all the things you mentioned when I am sick. I aslo have the habit of looking up symptoms on google and I finally go to the doctor when I feel really bad.

  2. Lol love the embrace your ugly side. Lord knows we don't look the best when we are sick. I so enjoy my room when I'm sick. I do all the things you suggested as well. Great post!