How to Layer Like a Celebrity: Alexa Chung

It's the Weekend and It's time for a little shopping!!! Well for you anyway I'm on a shopping hiatus ever since I started my January Goals! However, for the fashionista's looking to score some new clothing or who are looking for different ways of styling the clothes they already have, aka me, then you need this new series in  your life! Every Saturday I'll be sharing with you different ways of styling clothing and styling like a celebrity!

Today I'll be sharing with you how to Layer Like a Celebrity! They may have stylist but who needs a stylist when you got me! Think of me as your personal stylist for're welcome ;)

Alexa Chung has great style when it comes to layering and no wonder considering England's rainy and cold weather, the British are masters at layering! With the significant drop in weather in January layering is essential for survival. So without further adu....SCHOOL'S IN SESSION!

1.How to Wear a Blanket Scarf a Different Way!

We have plenty of scarves to last the entire winter so why not switch it up and try a different style. Wear your blanket scarves over your trench coat for an added warmth for those blistery cold days.

2.How to Layer 2 Jackets together!
Have you ever wanted to just wear a ton of jackets because thats how cold it is! Well you can! You can layer your favorite utility jacket over a peacoat and style with a scarf. For a casual on the go look try pairing your utility jacket over your jean jacket...everyone has a jean jacket!

3.How To Layer over a Dress

If you are still trying to rock that slip dress from the summer why not wear a cute sweater over it. Add sneakers for a laid back vibe or add an edgy feel by wearing combat boots!

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Which style will you be trying out?


  1. I like the idea of layering. It is effortless but stylish if done correctly.

  2. So cool! I do like the way that Alexa layers - she always looks very chic. I really like the jackets one - especially for this time of year - it's gotten so chilly now in the UK! - Tasha

  3. This is such great idea! Looking forward for more posts like this one!


  4. This is such a brilliant post!

    I don't know how you got the inspiration for it, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing it!


  5. Oh my gosh, I will gladly sign up to have you be my personal stylist. I was just saying I needed one the other day! I do love the sweater over the dress look, and love it especially if you add those sneakers in. These are awesome tips, thank you!

  6. Ah Alexa is style goals! Her layering is so effortless. Great post especially for this time of year!