How To Network as a Blogger & Find Your Blogging Besties!


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How to Network as a Blogger

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  1. Loving these blogging help tips you do! I love how you're driven and get things done, too, like in our FB group. Very motivational! x

  2. This is a really nice post! I decided that I would try my best to join more twitter chats so I could expand my blogging circle. The other tips you shared are also helpful :)

  3. Great tips!!

  4. Some great tips and all of them common sense for growing any relationship. Nuce

  5. I am definitely going to take these tips and run with it!

  6. Wow this was very insightful, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed post :)

  7. Great Great Great tips Jasmine. Never been a twitter chat shame on me. Have a great day.

  8. These tips were super helpful! I'm hoping to network with a couple of bloggers soon and this will help a lot!


  9. Hi Jasmine, these are such awesome tips, so Thank You:) I definitely needed to hear them especially as I'm a new blogger.
    I'll definitely try to join your blogger chat this Thursday.
    P.S. Love the way you've injected a pop of color into your blog design, it's such a pretty way to crate a brand for your blog, really like it!
    Anyway, Thanks again:)


  10. I love your tips. They are so helpful. Could you name a few smaller groups of bloggers I could join, to help make new blogging friends :) xx

  11. Thanks for sharing these tips! I have joined a couple of blogging groups on facebook but nobody posts in them. I've been blogging for a couple of months, so I'm hopeful that in time I will find a community that is active.

  12. Great tips! I'm now in a collaborative group. It's fun! We write on a certain topic every week.

    But I want to have a buddy for my second blog, my english blog. I need to wake this blog up.

    Where do you think I can get a buddy? I'm a non-english speaker. Thanks.