How to Wear Flare Jeans Especially if You are Petite!


The Secrets to Looking Taller In Flare Jeans

Step aside skinny jeans I'm officially hooked on flare jeans! Who knew this look that I used to rock in school, not fashionably might I add, would make a comeback! This time I've gotten it right! I mean the fact that I would wear converse sneakers with flared jeans on my 4'11 frame makes me cringe every time. Now you  would not catch me any wear near a sneaker with flared jeans. I've learned the error of my ways and I'm here to help you all too! For a petite girl we may find these types of jeans intimidating to say the least. You put them on and your whole foot is covered by an endless amount of jean fabric...Not Cute! However, I have learned how to make myself look taller in these jeans and slimmer all at the same time! So here are my tips for rocking the flare, looking taller, and looking slimmer...Become a Triple Flare Threat!

How to Look Taller and Slimmer

1.The Right Hem Line
It is imperative that the hem line must be perfect! Make sure it covers almost all of the shoe without it going all the way to the floor! If the hem is to short it will look weird where as if it's too long it will sloppy.

2.The Right Flare Jean
High Waisted Jeans are always the best way to go. It makes you appear taller by elongating your legs and the high waisted jean gives definition to the waist. That makes you look smaller! Make sure your jeans are fitted no baggy options.

3.The Right Shoes
Find a pair of shoes that is tall enough to hit at the hemline of your jeans. You want your flares to fall straight down and not bunch up at the ankles because your heels aren't tall enough.
  • Platforms-Get that laid back 70's feel with these shoes. You can try mules or ankle straps, wedges and even clogs! These look gorgeous with cropped flares too!
  • Ankle Boots-If you find a pair of flares that are actually more cropped at the ankle, the ankle boots will look amazing paired with it. With a flare we do not want to showcase any type of skin at the ankle part, because, that will make your legs appear shorter.
  • Pointed Toe Pumps-As petite we all know pointed toe pumps will instantly make you look taller and slimmer. These type of heels make your flared jeans look sleek and polished. Make sure that the flared jeans are not long enough to cover the tip of the heel.
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8 Fun Ways to Style Your Jeans
Did You Notice: I styled this denim shirt 3 different ways in the pic ;)

1.Solid Tops and A blazer
This is a polished and professional look especially for internships, interviews, work, etc.
2.A Blouse
Try it in 3 different ways have it untucked, tucked, or just tucked in the front. Try a button down loose blouse.
3.Crop Tops
This will make you look sooo tall...Nuff Said! Find flares that are highwaisted for this look!
4.Structured Jackets
Leather jackets are always a cool statement with these jeans.
5.Colored Jeans
Don't be afraid to wear color on your bottom. Pair it with a striped shirt for a classic feel.
6.Layer with Sweaters and Button Downs
As mentioned in How to Dress like a Alexa Chung, layering is key for the winter. Sweaters over button downs paired with flares that the preppy out of the equation.
7.Go Denim on Denim
Monochromatic outfit looks makes any petite appear taller.
8.Blanket Scarf
Wrap your blanket scarf around you like a sweater and add a belt this gives the look a boho vibe! 

I hope these tips helps! While researching I even learned new tips myself so I know if it helps me it will help you...GOOD LUCK and DARE TO FLARE!

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  1. Flared jeans are my favorite jeans to wear!! =) You've styled them beautifully =)

    Have a great weekend!! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. Really cool styles! I haven't warmed up to flare jeans trend yet... I know, I used to wear them all the time around 2001... so funny how all the trends are coming back now!
    Good tips for longer legs though, I agree completely!

  3. I'm loving the flare jean trend! These are great tips! You styled them perfectly!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I love flares. And you are rocking all of these looks.

  5. These are indeed great tips and you look fab with the flared jeans.
    I haven't worn flared jeans since school, but would really love to try again :)