How to Wear Pastels in the Winter!


4 Ways to Wear Pastels This Winter
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You know what I love about the spring: The flowers, the brighter days, and the gentle warm breeze that grazes upon my skin! Ahhh but wait...It's still winter and winter wants to make herself known(yes I just called winter a "she" ha!). If you are forced to face almost 20 inches of snowing coming down on the east coast then you will know my sentiment! Yep it's snowing outside as I write this! Although it looks beautiful and perfect fashion blogging weather, I just can't help but to wish for just a glimmer of a daffodil peeking through from the snow....wishful thinking I know! So while I wait for spring I like to put just a hint of it into my fashion, with PASTELS! 

We can still channel spring even in Winter...Who would've thunk it!

My Favorite Pastel Colors

(Pink, Purples, and Baby Blues)
It's the calm serenity of these colors that have sparked a relaunch of this love affair in my own closet! The most fun way to wear pastel for me is through coats, because, during the winter my regular #ootds usually consist of all black everything! So to make a simple adjustment to my wardrobe to get over the Winter Blues is to throw on some pastels with my dark outfits! I was lucky enough to find 3 pairs of coats for half the price. Just call it that a HUNT 4 FASHION kinda deal!

 Pantones color of the Year...Serenity. I love this one from Boohoo! Yep I got this coat before I even realized it would be the color of the year. I got this from a thrift shop for $8 and when I seen it I fell in love! 

My pastel purple coat was from another thrift shop for $8! I love this one from Asos! Don't be fooled by the ruggedness of a thrift shop. You are guaranteed to find a good deal!

My Grey Coat was from Old Navy. I love this one from Romwe! This is perfect for the days where i'm not feeling color but want to have a lighter color on just to boost my mood. 

You can wear pastels in many different ways too!

1.Switch up Your Coat Fabrics
 Find richer fabrics in leather, suede, and wools.
2.Sweeter Accessories
Try to add a pastel color through purses and scarves. These can give an all neutral outfit an instant pick me up!
3.Wear them on your feet
 Why not try out pastels on cool sneakers, heels, or flats.
4.Even wear them all over by using the same color scheme throughout the outfit!
Pick one general color and build off of that using the same color family
How Would You Wear Pastels?


  1. I wear pastels many times a week, you couldn't look more perfect in these outfits! Great post love <3

  2. I have never worn pastels in the winter, but I am loving that gray coat!


    1. You should totally get a grey coat that's like a step outside of your comfort zone to possibly wearing colored pastels ;)

  3. Love the way you wore the light blue cost! Especially because it is one of the colors of the year

    1. Thank you!!! I love that color and never knew that would be the color of the year! I'm ahead of the game haha!

  4. So cute! I'm not too crazy about pastels for myself, but you look amazing! Maybe I'll look for some pastel pieces at the thrift. xoxo

    1. Yes try out the thrift stores first especially if it's your first time trying out pastels or any type of look. These are my first pastel coats and now I'm hooked haha! It adds an extra charm to your look. I bet you would look lovely too :)

  5. So cute! I'm not too crazy about pastels for myself, but you look amazing! Maybe I'll look for some pastel pieces at the thrift. xoxo

  6. I love winter pastels! All of these outfits look amazing!

    Doused In Pink

  7. I love the color of your jacket!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Love pastels in the winter! Love both of these coats!

    xx, Elise

  9. I don't really wear pastels but with Serenity and Rose Quartz being the color of the year, I'm going to have to work on adding them to my wardrobe. Thanks for lots of great tips on how to incorporate winter pastels, I'm shopping for a lighter coat right now!


  10. That article was like a music to my ears, love your idea of
    winter pastel outfit , that light blue jacket is just so amazing