Monthly Goals for January


Its a Fresh Start to a New Month-heck a brand New Year-  I wanted to start my My Monthly Goals series! I always love reading Bloggers who do these type of post because they give me ideas for the month ahead and I actually do them! As this is the month of Resolutions I wanted to start off with some of my short term goals for this month that I want to accomplish and will accomplish!

1. Get Back to Listening to My Motivational Podcasts! 
In 2014 I was all about the Motivational Podcast...Life is A Marathon! I haven't changed my attitude on that since my last 3 post: Start Your Mornings Off Right, A Girls Guide to De-Stressing, and The Power to Inspire! I just got derailed so I'm determined to get back to listing to Bruce Van Horn. His voice is some how soothing yet feels like he's talking right to me!  I was inspired each day to get up and do something great, to turn a problem into a solution, and generally I was happy!

2. Save Money
This one is  a biggie for me! I want to visit New York this year and its high time I start acting like it! So, shopping will have to come last on my list and saving top of the list! If people thought I was cheap before they will surely get the hint this month!

3. Shop My Closet
I heard that from Forever Amber in here 2016 Resolution Post. Shopping my closet as in looking to see what I got and wear it, even the clothes that I have forgotten were inside my closet! We tend to forget the forgotten clothes, poor things, but I'm bringing them back to life. Hello cute clothes and a fat wallet!

4. Create an Email List!
This is something I want to do for YOU! I want to make it awesome, put things in there that are top secret and will help you have the best year yet, hmmm! If you all have any suggestions let me know what you would like to see in an Email sent by Me!

5. Get back to Writing my Fashion E-Book!
Yep that's right I'm writing an E-Book! I wanted to do an E-Book on something that I genuinely know a lot about! It will be a Basic Beginner Guide to Fashion! But it is in its beginning stages which is why I need to finish writing it!

"So Yes 5 Goals is enough this month just like I mentioned in my last post about Sticking to Your Goals you don't want to put to much on yourself...Small steps! Wish me good luck in going about finishing my goals!"

What are your Goals for January?

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  1. This is an awesome idea. Monthly, attainable goals vs. annual broken resolutions: me gusta! Also, I didn't know you were writing an E-book, how exciting! :D :D I haven't really thought about my goals for January but I am going to make at least three goals, blogging and life related. I keep teetering between keeping up with my blog and having a schedule vs. just writing when I feel like it. *SIGH* #BloggerProbz

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet | Simply-M

    1. Haha thanks Manpreet and You can do it just find what works for you ;)

  2. I love all of your goals! The E-Book fashion guide is something I would love to see! Let me know when you are finished composing it.

  3. i literally JUST started an e-mail list. i only have like 4 subscribers but you know... gotta start somewhere!!! best of luck with your goals.... you've totally got this!!!! ;D

  4. I have my goal for creating an emailing list as well but I do not have it as a yearly aim. I don't have any new year resolution, check out my blog to find; why?
    Good luck for money, Indeed we would love to know about your visit to Yew York.
    When will you finish your e-book? Just curious.
    Love, Sia from