Start Fresh Again!


Today is the start of your first blank page.
 What will you Write?

It's a start of a new year and that means new resolutions, setting new goals,  breaking bad habits, and starting fresh once again. Alot of the times we get into a rut after a couple of weeks of doing good and then we stop. I want to encourage you all year round to go after your goals, reach for the stars, and never give up on what you believe in. BE BOLD!

This month I want to help you set the tone for the rest of the year! This is a take action year not just a phase month! That being said I'll be showcasing more self improvement post to having your best year yet! Learning what Successful people do to reach their dreams. I'll be adding in a health post every now and again to keep you focused so stay tuned!  And of course you know your girl has to mention beauty and fashion post, OBVI!

I'm going to help you amp up your beauty routine even if you are just a beginner. You've always wanted to wear makeup but not bold enough...this is the year to be bold and try everything! Want to rock the latest fashion trends like Athletic wear, I got you covered! Want to show off your curves the right way you know I'll be giving you tips and tricks to rock the figure you are in! For my bloggers out there I'm going to be teaching you the art of blogging and how to amp up your blog this year! There's alot in store for this month and I hope you are ready to have the best year of your life...because honey you deserve it!

What would like to see more of on

Happy New Year Everyone lets make it the best one yet! 

Jasmine xoxo


  1. Love this! Big things planned for my blog too, the new year is such a motivator! X

    From fashion faves to 1D, all that was 2015 over on

  2. I love this! I'll definitely be back because if anyone needs help with their beauty regime, it's me!