The 3 Best Tips to Make Exercising a Habit and Actually Like it!


Is it possible to like Exercising?

Get Out of the Rut and Get Pumped!
FITNESS, the one think that's the hardest thing for me to master! I'll start on Monday and by Tuesday, yes Tuesday, I'm  laid out on my couch watching tv and eating! I'm blessed to be able to have most of my week days off from work but yet I still can't get it together! I want to make this week the week I finally get on the right track!  If you are like me then maybe you would like to take the challenge with me! So I came up with 3 minor challenges for you and myself included to get moving and actually like it! Next Week I'll tell you how it went for me and then you tell me how it went too! We'll we like exercising after this week?
Exercising Tips

How To Challenge Yourself to Exercise 

1. Make it Fun!
Literally! I was checking out Pam from Hodge Podge Moments, and she shared a blog post about using BINGO to Workout! You've heard of BINGO right?! If you are a person that likes variety then you will love this!

"To play the game, look up free bingo card makers online, and make a list of five different exercises that target each body part, such as: Arms, Core, Legs, Shoulders and Back."
Hodge Podge Moments

Once you have your 5 workouts write them on your bingo card and roll a dice at the start of your day to see which one you will be doing! It feels more like a game, right?! Check out Hodge Podge Moments for free printables and more info on this awesome way to exercise! 

Exercise Challenge #1: Create 5 Different Workouts for the Weekday

2. Move More Often, Don't Just Exercise Once!
That's right, exercising just once a day often times will not get you the results you want any faster. You have to move often throughout the day. Making tiny changes in your daily life will help you lose the weight faster! This could be walking with friends during lunch break or instead of driving to a specific place at school why not bike or walk to class.

If you feel like you've been sitting on your butt to0 much, you most likely have. Get up, go outside, or in my case look out the window (it's too cold haha). Just get up and walk around the house for at least 5 minutes every hour or exercise a body part for 5 minutes! If you miss an hour or two or three that's ok you can always use those 5 minutes you missed as your actual workout when you decide to exercise for the day. So, let's say you missed 3 total then exercise for 15 minutes when you have time. (5 x total of minutes missed= Total Minutes to Workout) Even exercising for 15 minutes a day is better than nothing!

Exercise Challenge #2:Get up for at least 5 minutes every hour and just walk around!

3.Realize Those Workout Quotes You See May be Harming You!

At the end of the day if you tried something, anything, then you should be proud of yourself! It may be walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevators. Did you park your car a little further to walk then that's great! It's a step in the right direction! Don't constantly beat yourself up! I was reading Kaila's, Healthy Helper Blog about Changing Our Fitspo and it was on point!

"Because that’s exactly what fitspo isn’t. Fitspo isn’t motivating. It isn’t inspirational. It presents a false depiction of reality and sets unachievable standards for our bodies and mind. Fitspo uses shame tactics to guilt us into intense exercise or strict eating practices."
Healthy Helper Blog

 I thought I needed photos of girls bodies that I idealized to get the look I wanted. I thought I need quotes to keep me motivated. It really didn't do much but made me lay back on that couch watching tv and eating! Fitspo quotes often times do not help. If it's shaming you into thinking you need a specific body type to look amazing then you need to toss it out of your life!  

Exercise Challenge #3: Delete all of your Fitspo Quotes and Images that are negative!

Fitspo Quotes

These are minor challenges you can incorporate throughout the week! I'll be taking on all of these challenges but in the comments below:
Which Challenge will You Choose?

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  1. Love the vibe of your site girl. Fitness if a lifestyle therefore requires some sort of structure, just as we go to work everyday...great motivational post.

    I have a few fitness videos coming up on

    So keep your eyes peeled. x

  2. Great advice! I loved reading your post and I totally agree with no.3!

  3. I think that moving more often is a great overlooked tip. If you have children, there are many awesome things you can do while playing to get a workout. You can even workout WHILE reading if you are creative enough. Great advice. I like your challenges too!

  4. I'm probably one of the weirdos that like working out, but that doesn't mean I have gotten back into a routine, so I know it can be hard at times.
    Moving more is a great thing to do if someone wants to get into shape. When you don't, you feel sluggish for much of the day and don't want to work out. Moving more also helps your cardio so you can get through a fun workout. :) I like your tips on making it fun and different, so you don't get bored, especially for people who don't like it.


  5. Hii! :) For exercising I like these guys - Fitness blender . They have AWESOME youtube videos for every fitness level. Their workouts are really great, tones body perfectly! :)
    Also, I do workouts while watching a TV series I enjoy. That way I am entertained while exercising. :D I know, some say that "while doing sports, you should concentrate on you body and stuff like that", but TBH exercising with TV helps me to exercise at ALL, sooo.. yeah, TV stays. :D
    The most important part is to start moving and just don't give into laziness. Laziness sucks. You can be tired, exhausted, but never ever lazy. :) (I am working on this one myself :))) ).
    Wishing you great workouts,

  6. I loved your tips! I'm trying to be more healthy this year, and posts like that really encourage me <3