The Most Flattering Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape


How to Find the Best Glasses for You

Featuring Warby Spring '16 Collection

Just like jewelry or a handbag, a pair of glasses is like another accessory that people with not so perfect 20/20 vision have to work with! As an avid lover of glasses, because of my less than stellar vision, It is imperative for me to find a pair of glasses and sunglasses that frame my face perfectly and adds style and personality to my #OOTD!

Today I wanted to share with you how to pick the right pair of glasses and why not do it with an Eyewear company, Warby Parker that has just launched their Spring '16 Collection filled with bold colors crafted to amaze eyeglass wearers and non eyeglass wearers! This collection has frames that structures any face shape to complement and soften. Get rid of your old pair from 2015 and pick up some awesome new shades and shapes for the new year.

What I love about this site is that you can filter out the type of frames you need by width, shape, and color and take out the ones you don't! So without further adieu let's see what type of frames will flatter your face the most!


Characterized as full cheeks and a wide forehead and rounded chin.

With a round face, such as mine, we need frames that add definition. We want to add contrast, so, avoid round glasses as this will accentuate the roundness Square or rectangle eyewear frames the face perfectly. Try  these Dorset Eyewear in Coastal Blue Fade.


Characterized as having a broad forehead with a strong jawline.

If you have a squared face you need the opposite of what rounded faces need. Find curved cornered frames such as cat-eye, round, or oval glasses. With frames like this we want to soften your strong features just a tad. Go for dark or bold colors like Burroughs in Canton Blue.


Characterized as having a lightly curved jawline narrower than forehead. Cheekbones are high and angled.

Oval faces are the easiest to frame, because, it is the most versatile face shape. You can choose from any type of frames from square to rectangle. Try to find frames that compliment the cheekbones and brows as these will add a nice contrast to your faces curves. Find frames that fit your face, so, basically no oversized glasses for you. Try out these Preston Eyeglasses in Maraschino for a show-stopping red look!

Heart- Shaped

Characterized as having a broad forehead that etends down to a small chin. High and angled cheekbones are accentuated.

The Goal with Heart-Shaped faces is to balance the width of your face. In order to do that find frames that are angled outward at the bottom. Simply put try to find round or oval frames. If you know what aviator glasses look like then look for those type of glasses too. Find thin and light colors  to narrow the chin. Try out the Haskell Eyewear in Crystal with Blue Jay.


Characterized as having wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead.

For frames you should stray away from flat top frames and go for more curved features with emphasis on a top heavy detailings. The Goal is to balance and enhance your facial features. Set your eyes on glasses like Finch in Bellini.

Why You Need To Try Before You Buy!

The trick to finding the right frames for your face is spending a lot of your time trying on many different frames until you find one that works to your liking! Getting a second opinion helps too. With Warby you can try on 5 different frames for 5 days with their Home Try-On Program. Shipping is free receiving and returning! This is perfect for someone who is indecisive *raises hand.* If you decide to buy one, you'll be giving to someone else in need in a 3rd World Country!
I'll be trying out this Home Try-On Program  so stay tuned ;)

Check out their Lookbook of the whole collection Here

Which Eyewear is your favorite?

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