The Top 20 Fashion Items You Need in Your 20's!


The Fashion Pieces you need right now!

wardrobe essentials

Whether you are in college, out of college, have a family, or a business woman these 20 basic fashion items are essential in every woman's closet. Finding  the perfect pair will add confidence and flair to any outfit. These items will become the custom foundation of your wardrobe, so, don't forget to make sure they fit!  I compiled a list of fashion must have pieces that will help you have the best #OOTD EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and if you don't already have them in your should totally get them!

1.Leather Moto Jacket
A  leather jacket is a must, you'll be wearing this constantly! It adds edgy to a simple white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

2. Trench Coat 
A Trench coat is lightweight, waterproof, and perfect for a classic statement.

3.Jean Jacket
Go for a simple basic jean jacket. No cuts, no frills, simply basic. You can throw it over any outfit.

4.White T- Shirt
White Tees are everywhere. Rack up on one in every style like V-Necks. Find a tee that fits your style and rock it!

5. Black Blazer
From Work to play blazers are a essential even if you aren't working for a company. Make sure it fits all the right places for the perfect silhouette.

6.Striped Black and White Top
It's something about these tops give off a parisian theme that we can get behind! It's been a classic from a long time and will never go out of style.

Fall and Winter never looks so chic. 

8.White Sneakers
Classic at its finest! White sneakers go with literally anything!

A Silky Blouse hides imperfections but still gives you a put together look!

10. Midi Skirt
Midi skirts are finally showing mainstream fashion its full potential. Find the right skirt that fits snug at the hips. And long enough to make it office appropriate but still fashion worthy.

11. Black Trousers
A chic alternative to jeans, you definitely need a pair in your closet....think Audrey Hepburn!

12. Perfect Pair of Jeans
You know the perfect jean that hits all the right curves, that don't bunch up at the end, and shows how awesome your derriere looks...yep that's the one!

13. Black Dress
The LBD we've heard about it so many times! I'm sure you have one already but a couple in different styles is even better.

14. Black Pointy Heels
Find a black heel that want hurt your feet and you will be invest for life! Go for a single sole heel instead for a more traditional look!

15. Black Ankle Boots
A black ankle boot is perfect for the transition from day to night. Its rapidly becoming a staple in every womans closet.

16. Black Flats
Flats give your look a classic touch without cause pain to your feet. These are great for the girl on the run or the businesswoman running around town after work!

17. Nude Heel
Nude heels are neutrals, so, that means it can be worn in many ways: Dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a wrapped dress. 

18. Carryall Tote
Once an awhile you have to embrace the "bag lady" stigma and rock a carryall. Make sure it's big enough for your essentials and sturdy enough to even put a laptop in!

19. Evening Clutch
For the nights when its time to be formal. So whether its a wedding or business gathering a gorgeous clutch should be your go-to. Leave the big purses at home.

20.Delicate Jewelry

Find jewelry that can be one everyday, unlike statement jewelery. Gold and Silver necklaces with small pendants are easy to throw on with a black LBD. 

Tell me what is your favorite clothing piece in your closet?


  1. I have so many little black dresses it's ridiculous. I justify buying them by telling myself there will always be an occasion haha. but I have to say my favorite is my leather jacket. It seriously goes with everything and instantly makes me look put together even in jeans and a tshirt.
    I love versatile clothing and accessories so my closet is full of these essential items!

    1. haha I love a good LBD!!! Leather jackets are so cool I'm always seen with mine on too lol!

  2. I have almost all of these; I could use a new pair of white sneakers though. Love this list! :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Yes that's the only thing on this list that I need to get but I definitely want the perfect pair! I'm so indecisive at times haha. Thank you!!!

  3. My favorite thing in my closet would probably be my jeans and my scarves, I'm obsessed with scarves!

    I've always wanted a trench coat but for some reason I never got it.

    This post was honestly really helpful because I don't "do fashion" that well lol

    XO Isaya

    1. I've been on a scarves kick myself haha! I'm so glad i could help get you on the fashionista track haha!

  4. Love this list! I totally own like 5 different Leather Moto Jackets! :)

    S .x