Weekend Roundup Of Awesomeness #2

This week I've gotten to read a lot of new blogs, connect with a lot of new bloggers, create some really thought provoking and helpful tips and now its time to round up them all up and share with you all of the AWESOMENESS!!!

My Blog Posts of the Week
Another week and  another round of blog post. This week was all about give you tips and tricks for getting your happiness under control, getting the right glasses for your face shape, discovering a beauty hack that will save you so much time in the morning, blogging tips that you need to know before you hit publish, and 2 different fashion post  that went in depth all about how to dress when you are a petite woman!

Best Reads Around the Internet
This week I have been in love with looking at fashion post! From dreaming of a winter wonderland with Abril, from The Color Palette to Drooling over a hooded Camel Coat by Kimberly from Eleventh & Sixteenth. However in the midst of these fabulous looks I came across Amy from Straight A Style who is struggling with Infertility but still has faith to believe. We never know what people are going through so share love every single day! All so inspiring and some of the best reads of the week for me! 

Blogger Spotlight
I got introduced to her blog through scrolling down a blogger's comment section reading all of the lovely comments and noticed this gorgeous woman! I have been entranced ever since. She has such great style and although she was one of my best reads of the week, I just had to make her the Spotlight Blogger of the Week. I literally read her post every single week and not just one...nooo I read a bunch of them at a time! She has such amazing style and she rocks sunglasses like no other! On top of that I'm inspired by her faith

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  1. This is such a great round up! I loved catching up on your posts & also being exposed to some of your favorite blogs/posts from the week!


  2. Wonderful round up! Thanks for sharing... enjoyed reading =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  3. OMG that you so much for featuring me here. You're the sweetest.
    The Color Palette