Weekend Roundup of Awesomeness #3


Another week has gone by and that means a Weekend Roundup is here! Ok so It's Monday Instead of Sunday like I normally post these roundups, but, if you don't already know it's been snowing on the east coast in the U.S! Snowing like a crazy! So, I was without my love, the internet,  so no post these last two days. You think that stopped me from writing uh uh! I wrote a Free E-Book that's coming soon so stay tuned! I also wrote a Dress Like a Celebrity inspired by Pretty Little Liars  so stay tuned for that this upcoming Saturday!

My Blog Post of the Week!
I kickstarted my 30 Days Happier, Healthier You Series! Its where you can come to get free resources right at your fingertips to get yourself healthier and happier(hence the name). I shared with you my first Ipsy Bag for January and the one product I'm in love with! Then of course Thursday Blogging Day I shared with you how to look like a pro blogger even if you are a newbie. Fashion Friday was all about wearing Pastels in the Winter and how to wear them and still be warm! 

Best Reads Around the Internet!
I checked out a ton of health post last week! It was so much fun interacting with new bloggers in different niches than me! I've been loving reading Pam from Hodge Podge Moments healthy post! Isaya from Remember Her has a great post out on how to Control Your Thoughts!   In the midst of Healthy Post I found myself engulf in Michelle Pa(i)ge outfit looks! She knows how to rock a colored  suede boot!

Blogger Spotlight!
I can't express how much I love her blog and her personality! I'm constantly coming back to her site for fashion advice and even some inspirational post! This past week I was delighted to read a post I feel everyone should read called About Body Acceptance and It's Impact! It was so fascinating to read and it made me look at Role Models a lot different as a woman. Of course in this post she had to bring her A-Game with her incredible style! Check her out  when I read her blog it's like looking at a magazine: high quality, neat, and clean!

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  1. An Ebook?! I can't wait to read it!
    Thanks for feauturing one of my posts here, it was so sweet!
    Now if you'll excuse me it seems like there are a lot of posts I need to read!



  2. I love your energetic blog....Ps The Pretty Little Liars reference.. Oh new series this week, perfect timing

  3. Great blog, love your series this week. X

  4. Aw, such wonderful post! So inspiring!
    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  5. Thank you so much love! I am really glad you enjoy my content! You have been a great inspiration as well! keep up the amazing work <3