How I'm Finally Calling a Truce with my Body and You Should Too!

7 Ways to Feel Better About Your Body...Finally!

I asked on Twitter a few days ago what posts you wanted more of and over 60% said more personal post. This shocked me as blogging tips came in at 50% so I was happy to know that more people liked personal post!

So today I thought I would get a little personal with you all an talk to you about how I'm feeling about my body and how  I'm so sick of worrying about it! I'm tired of weighing myself and getting completely discouraged about my weight fluctuating every time I eat something. I've tried diet after diets and have failed miserably and now I'm simply just over it!

It's time to call a truce to my body woes!

So how do I call a truce to something that have overtook my mind since I was in the 5th grade! I don't know but today is the day that I'll finally figure something out. If you are on the same vibe as me then we have something in common and I want to be able to give you some ideas(as well as myself) so we can finally come to terms with our thickness, our thinness, our curves, and our not so curvy bodies. We deserve to love who we are...JUST THE WAY WE ARE!

Make a love list!
This list is important. I think you should have it in your phone, in your journal or notebook, heck have a post it right next to your mirror. We all have that one thing that we are in love with and sometimes it doesn't even need to be about our body. It could be your awesome personality or how you have a great skill that is unlike anyone else! Sometimes you need to get radical and complete go all out in loving yourself...I may have to try this one!!! Whenever you start to think negative immediately block it out and put something positive in and it doesn't have to do with your body!

Appreciate all the awesome functions your body can do!!
Our body is made up of so many awesome things. We are molded in a way that is unlike any other species. We are absolutely beautiful creatures! If you can walk be grateful, if you can move your limbs be grateful. Even if you don't have what other people have you have so many other things that you can do that other's cant! It doesn't matter your limitations because to be honest you are good at something and that is all that matters! Force yourself to compliment yourself each day!

Stop Weighing Yourself Everyday.
I knew I had a problem when I weighed myself every time I ate something. I measured my waist every single day with my measuring tape...each time I felt horrible! I've already started not weighing myself every single day. Once a week is ideal, this will help you see where you are at but don't stress. If you want to eat healthier that's good but don't starve yourself!

Dance to Body Positive Music
Now I know I talk about dancing waaaay to much, but,  I really love it! It really makes me feel alive. Being able to move my limbs in perfect harmony, most times not so harmonious, it brings a joy that I don't get through exercise. Now I'm not a dancer in any means but I can do a good body roll, stomach and all haha!

Stop Counting the Calories!
This is one thing, OMG, I would do religiously! I would  try to not eat but maybe 500 calories a day(I know that's terrible). I would literally count everything and if I couldn't figure out the calorie I would look it up online or I wouldn't eat it at all! Instead of focusing on everything you need to take away from your eating (calories) focus on what you can add that is healthy...more veggies, fruits, or even water!

Stop beating Yourself Up!
I used to get so down on myself for eating a cookie or eating that pizza I thought I didn't need(maybe I didn't need a 3rd slice though). I would starve myself the next day just to punish myself. I speak more on exercising, eating, and punishment in this post. I had days where I would eat very little for punishment and then some days where I literally eat myself to the point of hurting myself...more punishment! Either I was all in or all out no in between. I needed to find the middle, I'm going to find the middle of this eating spectrum.

In the End know that at least you Tried!
Realizing what you did do that was healthy is more important than trying to starve yourself just to drop a pound you gained. If you at least tried to eat an apple that day that's good...even if you didn't try at all don't punish yourself for it. It happens heck sometimes we even deserve that day of eating whatever we want!

I'm almost 25 I want to finally accepted my body, rolls and all! I want to fill good everyday and not let it be based off of how I ate or how I looked in an outfit. I gain weight, I lose weight, I fluctuate a lot, and I may not have a flat stomach or a big butt, but, you know what, I'm gonna start embracing what God gave me and even some of the things I gained my own self.

Will You Call a Truce with Your Body?


  1. The older I get, the more accepting I am with my flaws. You realize that there are things worth your time and those you shouldn't really be wasting precious time over. Especially when you come to the realization that you were perfectly created for your purpose, imperfect as you may be.

    Beautiful insight here.

  2. We spend so much time obsessing with how we look! Appreciating your body and embracing what you have is so important!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Our bodies do so much for us! They are literally the vehicles that carry us through out our lives. I'm with you! Less obsessing MORE loving and appreciation.


  4. Such a positive message and you're absolutely right! It's all about changing the way we think. We are all beautiful, no matter our shape. :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn