How to Pull An All-Nighter...Without Going Insane!


How to be Healthy During A Night of Sleep Deprivation!

We've all pulled an all-nighter at least one time in our lives, right?! It's not something we want to do but sometimes it's something we have to do. Take for instance being in college, the  exams are coming yet we’ll procrastinate till the last minute I know I used to! I'll be up almost all night until my last  “so call” 5 minute nap takes a hold of me and  I wake up to an alarm clock going off for school!

Now that I'm out of school I've learned a few tricks of the trade especially since now I'm working the night shift at my job! I've learned how to master the art of staying up late but I've also learned how to get right back on track the day after so I'm not left sleep deprived!

Here's my tips for pulling a healthy all-nighter, what to do before, during, and after!

The Day/Days Before an All-Nighter...

Prep for the nights ahead!
Do this by getting in 7-8 hours of sleep each night and the night before sleep up to 10 hours.
Make an effort to cut off the lights at a decent time!

The All-Nighter...

1.Take a 30-60 minute nap before you begin!
This will help in the long run and keep you awake longer!

2.Turn the heat on cool settings and layer up!
The optimal temperature is 65 degrees.

3.Light up!
Light close to your eyes stimulate alertness. So me being on my phone for long periods of time does come in handy haha!

4.Get Some Shut Eye!
If possible set an alarm clock and take a 15-20 minute nap. Waking up during lighter stages of sleep keep you more awake. You know that moment when u sleep too long yeah you might as well stay sleep!

5.Skip The Sugar Rush
Get Greek yogurts, peanut butter and so on for snack. Avoid making a big meal and for goodness sake stay away from the pizza. We know pizza is bae but let's dump’em for the night!

6.Drink coffee
Nothing wrong with drinking coffee at night when it's an all-nighter. Try to stick to 4 cups for the night and that's it! Spread out your coffee breaks 3 to 4 hours apart.

7.But drink a lot of water in between.
After 2 cups of coffee drink plenty of water to avoid the crash!

8.Chew some gum.
No surprise chewing gum increases intellectual performance but it also keeps you awake! Try minty or peppermint flavors for the best results!

9. I like to move it, move it!
Get up and walk every 45 minutes. Chances are with all the coffee and water you'll be getting up without thinking about it!

The Next Day…
Sleep Deprivation

1.Have a designated driver
You are bound to be really tired afterwards! Make sure a friend is available to take your home. If all else fails take a nap in your car!

2.Nap afterwards don't sleep.
We want our sleep schedule to not be as wonky so naps that last no longer than 90 minutes  is a fair deal. Stay up the rest of the day and you'll be ready for sleep at the end of the night!

3.No more coffee, OK!
Don't drink anymore coffee and if you are like me you wouldn't want anything to do with it after a long night of it!

4.Eat healthy
Eat fruits, veggies, proteins to keep you energized!

5.Move it some more!
Exercise, walk, dance do whatever it takes to get your body back into its feel good vibes!

The #1 way to get back on track
Undo one bad night of an all-nighter with 10 hours of sleep!

So who's pulling an all-nighter soon?


  1. I always find myself staying up way too late to go to sleep (If I went to sleep I know I wouldn't wake up until the next day) and when I do fall asleep, game over. I can never get my sleeping pattern back on track so thanks for this post! I'll keep it in mind for when I have an all-nighter.

    Sinead |

  2. Wow! I don't think ever have really pulled an all nighter; probably why having infants in the house was such a nightmare for me 4-5 hours of broken sleep each night and I was ready to crack. I can't even nap. Once I'm out I'm out and there's no getting back up. Hopefully I'll never have to pull an all nighter but I'll keep these tips in mind just in case!

  3. Haha great post. As a parent I've had to pull more all nighters than I would have ever liked in the last 18 months, sadly not out of choice. Coffee helps, coffee always helps x

    1. Forgot to mention, I found your post on #twinklytuesday x

  4. Power naps are so important. It instantly revitalizes the body.