Lazy Girl Hacks: Sharpie Manicure Ideas!

When I was in school I would always get bored in class and start drawing neat designs on my nails with my markers. Well that continued into college too ok now I know why school wasn't for me now ha! 

Ok I'll be honest I don't have sharpies buuuut I do have BIC Mark it  Markers but hey it does the same right?! Now that I have gotten that out of my system here is a lazy girl hack that is fun and challenges you to create fun manicures! Not everyone has the money to go buy  nail art pens and brushes so for as little as $2-3, permanent markers are a win to create fun designs! 

Warning do not try these in class or while doing any homework...thats that procrastination kicking in hahaha!

Sharpie Nail Ideas!!!

I did pineapples because I just love seeing print designs like this sooo why not put it on my nails! I add some orange dots just because and there you have a fruit design!

Stripes, Dots, and Lines
The most easiest things you can do especially if you are in a hurry or bored!

I randomly added triangles, circle, rectangles on my pinky finger for a look that is fun and reminds me of colorful prints I see on fabrics!

Just a quick tip if you apply a top coat it will smear so instead spray hair spray on your nails first and then after it dries apply a matte top coat or fast drying top coat. Make sure to swipe on the top coat quick and with light strokes! Or you can just skip this step if its just for fun!

Try not to get in on your skin its a little harder to come off ;)

If you like these nail arts I would love to do more with these and with actual Sharpies. I want to create cool nail arts that are really easy using things you already have! Step aside nail polish markers are the new it thing now!

Have you tried Marker Manicures before?
Would you like to see more nail art tutorials?


  1. This is so cute, I love it!