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15 Beauty Products You Need to Get Your Hands on ASAP!

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If you want ultra bold brows, well, Anastasia got you covered! This pencil is thick, wide, and triangular shaped at the tip that allows for precise shape, fill and definition. Now don't get too carried away with this product light strokes and the spoolie will be needed!

This brand new and innovative eyeshadow primer is revolutionary in the beauty industry! If you've always were annoyed at the lack of colors a "universal" eyeshadow primer has, then this will surely save your day! Eyeshadow looks more true to color when your eyelids is all one even color.

Think of this as a instagram filter for your skin. It's a sheer to medium coverage skin tint that controls shine. It comes in 12 different shades, Thank you!

If you have oily skin, pick yourself up some of these. It's basically the flat version of the patented egg that is know as the beauty blender! These sponges absorb excess oil throughout the day and you can clean them afterwards instead of throwing them away like regular blotting paper!

If you are on board with the oil cleansing trend then you'll love this! This formula is non-greasy but has so many hydrating factors like sesame seed oil. It also include antioxidants like Vitamin E and cranberry seed oil. You can also use this as a moisturizer by squeezing just a drop in with your regular face moisturizer...basically a 2-1 product!

This is perfect for the curly haired sistas! You can use it as a leave-in-treatment, cowash,or as a standard conditioner. It detangles and hydrates. So you can basically use this 3 in 1 product now instead of the 100's of other natural hair products you may have!

If you have a little more money to spare on a lip product, try your lips at this liquid Matte Lip product. If you like MAC' velvety  matte lipshades then you'll love these. Its quick-drying and long wearing. Warning you may need a remover to take this stuff off...I'm not mad at that!

Ok pull out your highlighters because that's exactly what this looks like! No seriously, this lip marker is a lip stain that helps to fill in your pout  flawlessly. It's long wearing so you can go all night in this! This is coming soon so be on the look out!

If you are a big fan of sheet mask then you'll love this for your eyes. This package provides a gel formula and under-eye pads separately. That means you can apply as much or as little as you want! Leave on for 20 minutes and you'll see your eye bags improved and dark circles brighter...I'll take that!

If you are looking for a funner way to put on nail polish then this Spray is your go to! Shake it up for a precise coating and wash the excess off . Right now it comes in 2 shades silver and pink but I recommend the silver as I seen a youtube video that didn't flatter the pink shade to well.

If you are a fan of matte liquid glosses then you'll love Maybelline's new lip product. It's available in 10 shades. Instead of that dry feeling that matte liquid lip products ensue you can rest assure that these stay creamy and soft all day. I actually bought me one so I'll give you a full review on it next week!  

Ok, I seriously want to try this! This is a monthly beauty subscription box that gives you deluxe samples. Unfortunately, you'll be waist listed  and is upon invitation only but I will just have to take that risk and sign up. They will be releasing this to everyone soon so just stay tuned!

Ever wondered why Benefit never came out with a POREfessional mask, well, look no further they finally heard your cry! This product promises to get rid of the dirt and grime.

Have anyone heard of  Glamglow products. I'm completely new to it but wow I need to try this out! This skincare product promises to firm and tone your skin with its chrome peel off mask.  It goes on a pearly white liquid and it cools into a silver cool! If you have the money get you one of these!

If you still can't get your brows on fleek why not try these stencils! Taking it back old school! These help you perfectly shape your brows. You can choose whether you want your brows to be dramatic, natural, or soft based on arch levels. Afterwards you can tweeze away any troubled hairs outside where you outlined!

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  1. I'd love to try a glam glow mask but I just can't justify the price.

    Corinne x

    1. I know that price is a mess haha!!! Maybe we can find a sample somewhere haha!

  2. Some great products here! I've been dying to try Glam Glow, and the Nugg Eye Masks would be perfect for me!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. I had the ABH brow definer but returned it because it didn't do anything for my brows that my dipbrow pomade couldn't do. It is easier for travel tho! And I have a nars tinted moisture but SPF expires! So you would need to use it quickly. I can never get through it in time.