How I edit My Instagram Photos


My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

So today I'm sharing with you how I edit my Instagram.  I love watching Youtube on  how they edit and often get a lot of my apps through those videos. We all heard of VSCO Cam, Facetune, Afterlight (every pro instagrammer has at least one of those) but have you heard of the Color Story App, how about PicsArt? These are the two main apps I use especially as I get more creative with my Instagram game.  So let's dive on it to how I edit my Instagram! Btw go check out my instagram here!


Ahhh the photo app of every Instagrams dreams well besides VSCO. I used VSCO for a while but wasn't a fan. So to Afterlight it was! I usually use this for Brightness, Saturation, Adding or subtracting shadows and highlights and then a little bit of sharpness! You know the basics!  I may play around with the temperature for a more cooler filter sometimes too. I only use Afterlight for its basic functions because the iPhone photo editor is crappy...don't act like you don't agree haha!


Next after coming from Afterlight I always go in to FaceTune not to do any tweaking of the face because #I'mflawless haha just kidding but I go in to work with my flat lays! Usually if I have a white background I want to whiten it up a little, ok a lot! So I'll brush away any type of yellow or orangey spots that didn't brighten in Afterlight with the Whiten feature. Sometimes if I'm feeling really creative I go into the tones feature of facetune and change the background color all together! Thats what I did with the first picture below! It's fun creating something new and fun. Other features I use is the details feature, this is basically another version of the sharpness editing tool but enhances certain features of a photo with a brush of your finger. Also the patch feature is essential when I want to get rid of any unwanted spots on my flat lays!

Behind the Photo
The 1st picture was originally yellow but with a swipe of a finger I used the tones feature to add a cool psychedelic look to it for a 70's inspired photo!
The 2nd picture was in front of a regular white backdrop but I didn't like the wrinkles showing through so I smoothed it out in fotor and used the white feature to whiten the background! 

A Color Story

This is fairly new app and it comes from one of my favorite Instagram accounts, A Beautiful Mess! They created this for instagrammers who love color and honestly this is one of the reasons my Instagram esthetic changed so quickly. I realized this is what I wanted my Instagram aesthetic to be about...a literal color story! I use the tools edit feature first if I have not already tweaked my photo in Afterlight or facetune. Then I jump right into the effects and filters tools. For the effects I've only used the color fog. I like to mix different colors together for a totally new color. For the filters I'll go through all of them to see which will work best with my theme. The filters I use is always the fresh, airy, organic, or blush filters. But they have so many to choose from so you can't go wrong! I don't always use filters but when I do it's when I'm feeling sassy!

Behind the Picture:
The Picture to the right was dull and lifeless but I used afterlight to enhance the colors through saturation, shadow, and sharpness and then went in with the A Color Story app and mixed a light blue fog filter with a green fog filter! 
The picture to the left with the shoes was originally a red backdrop but I changed the color in fotor to this purple and then added a pink fog filter! It completely transforms the photo!


Now for my creative souls who says "NO" to premade quotes for Instagram. I like to go into this app when I don't have really any photos to upload but I also want to provide some inspo and  motivation to my peeps! You can start from scratch with a black page where you can customize your size, I use 800x800 Instagram goal size! Then I adjust the color of the  blank page and then add a text. You can also go into clip art and find some AMAZING clip art pictures that is not only tumblr approved but Instagram approved as well! They even have some cool premade quotes that you can add with extra flair to them! Some of the clipart you have to download for $0.99 but totally worth it! You can get lost in an endless field of clipart but in a good way!

So there you have it all of my apps that I use! Some days I only use one app some days I'll go back and forth. It all depends on what I want  my story to be for that day! I hope you all enjoyed this and maybe found a new app that is your total fave!

I'm gonna try to be back on schedule next week with tons of fun things and maybe even a giveaway because I'm feeling extra better!!!

What is your fave editing app to use for Instagram?


  1. this is the post I was waiting for. I'm really bad editing pictures and my instagram is always missing something. Maybe with this it's going to look better!
    The Color Palette

    1. Goodluck on your Instagram revamp it really is trial and error! You got this Abril!!!

  2. This post brought a cheeky grin to my face! A Color Story and PicsArt are my two favorite photo editing apps. It's awesome that you use and love them too!

    Emma |

    1. That's so awesome I'm in love with both of those apps! So glad u do too!!!

  3. Great post I learnt something new today thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. I've used PicsArt for a while and never have used it without pictures. Thanks for the info!

  5. Thanks for this post! Been looking for more color apps to use for my Instagram photos. For right now, VSCO is my favorite. And I'm over here (im)patiently waiting for A Color Story to come on Android.

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