Something Exciting Awaits Inside...

My First Rocksbox!!!

It seems like everyone has tried this subscription box and I'm just now learning about it, ha! I've never been a jewelry person hence the fact that I barely have any jewelry especially in pictures but I think it's about time that I get more into it! As they say, Jewelry really makes an outfit stand out. So I decided that I wanted to test this theory out with Rocksbox! 

*This is sponsored but of course I'm gonna give you my personal and honest opinion*

What I got in my box!

I loved the simple look of this box. The ribbon reminded me of a Forever 21 Top I had just bought so of course you know I had to match a little bit! 

When I opened the  box I was greeted with chevron paper that was so cute! Then 4 different pieces of cards describing what was Rocksbox was, giving feedback, benefits, and what I got. I love the Quotes cards, which reminds me can I keep these? I even had my name on one of them which I thought was such a sweet touch(I'm definitely keeping this) and  on the inside of the cheveron was what I got this month in sweet bags!

There was 3 adorable bags. One black velvet and 2 white smaller bags with the words Live, Love, Layer by 

Dazzle Me with Jewelry!

Cameron Handchain
I'll be honest I didn't know what the heck it was at first lol! I knew it was beautiful though! I decided to look it up to figure it out and you know I'm a jewelry newbie when I realized that it was a hand chain. I've never had one! This gorgeous gold handchain is undeniably beautiful. However, I don't know if it's supposed to hang so awkwardly off your hand but I didn't quite like the fit of it. Let me know in the comments if it's supposed to hang or actually fit the hand lol.

Kendra Scott
 Rayne Necklace in Ivory Pearl
This is an absolute stunning necklace! It came in a black suede bag and I was stunned at how gorgeous it was! My ma even wanted to try it on! I so don't want to give this one back! Seriously no cons about this one!

Candice Shimmer Ear Climbers

Another piece of jewelry I had no idea how to put on,ha! You would think a fashion lover would no what a dang ear climber was haha! So I took to google to find out what it was! It really is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I've always loved simple and minimal type jewelry. I rarely have my hair up so I probably wouldn't get much use from an ear climber, however! 

What  I think about Rocksbox!

Over all I enjoyed my first experience with Rocksbox! Everything came so quickly. As soon as I got the email that it shipped it was there basically the next day! When I took the quiz for personalized jewelry I wanted simple delicate pieces and that's what I got! I love all of them, really, but my favorite was the necklace for sure. I actually wouldn't mind buying this necklace because it is so gorgeous!
REMEMBER: You simply do not send back a piece of item  that you want and then its charged to your debit or credit card. 

I'm going to try this out for 3 months and share with you all the jewelry I get, what I decide to keep, and if I want to keep going after the 3 months. This is a learning experience for me because I really want to take my fashion up to new levels, so I'm really excited to see how my style changes!

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Have you tried Rocksbox?
 What's your Pro's and Con's of Rocksbox?


  1. Great post, I will have to check this site out never herd of it before. I live in the Caribbean so certain things I don't really know about. Loved the items too

  2. I really love your blog. I thinking that I try rocksbox as review for my blog. Thank you for nice inspiration. Lea xxx

  3. The ear cuff and the bracelet are adorable!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  4. I think the jewellery is super pretty! Gold is my jam and the earring climbers are so funky. Love it!

    Di from Max The Unicorn