Spring Hair Detox 101

Have you ever heard of a Hair Detox? Me neither but Peter from High Style Life is going to teach us a thing or two about Hair Detox in the spring! If you didn't Peter guest posted a couple of months with Celebrity Beauty Secrets. I'm so happy to have him back!

Spring Hair Detox 101

As with regular detox, hair detox helps us get rid of all chemicals and toxins found in all haircare products: from shampoos and conditioners to styling products down to hair dyes. You, including myself, are guilty of at least one of these types of products. 

If you notice your hair becomes dull, dry and frizzy, the possible reason behind this may be product build-up. All chemicals you apply on hair are trapped in the hair shaft and the shampoo (which also contains chemicals) won’t take it off. Hair detox can include using homemade recipes, special shampoos and conditioners and laying off the heat and styling products.


Before any detox, You should trim your hair. Regular haircuts are extremely important in order to keep our hair healthy looking. Hair should be trimmed every 8 to 12 weeks, or every three months. If you are growing your hair out, cutting it a half an inch, or less off the ends is usually recommended.

DIY detox products

There are a variety of natural detox products and shampoos. I personally use bentonite clay and a homemade shampoo made with liquid soap and coconut milk. If you consider a detox with baking soda, avoid using a shampoo containing baking soda, as well, since it can strip your hair of natural oils. Apart from essential oils, you can also use castor oil, or Argan oil and apply them after you washed your hair. These oils will condition and heal your hair.


Mix ½ cup of bentonite clay, ½ cup of Aloe Vera gel and ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture on the hair, put on a shower cap and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

Rinse with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and then apply a shampoo.

Dry your hair with a towel.

Apply a few drops of castor, or Argan oil on your hair. Use a high-quality brush/comb, like a ⦁ Mason Pearson brush to distribute the oil evenly through the hair.
Air-dry it.

Overcounter products
There are also special overcounter products which can remove product build-up. Detox shampoos are special shampoos which are gentle and protect the hair during the process. A scalp exfoliator is also commonly used. You apply it on the scalp, massage it with circular motions and rinse it with water. After a scalp exfoliator, you should wash your hair again with a detox shampoo. Finally, you apply a natural conditioner to moisture hair follicles. Personally I prefer Fekkai’s Brilliant Glossing Conditioner because the healthy shine it gives my hair is unparallel.

Laying off the heat and styling products

You should avoid using any styling products during a detox process. Otherwise, your detox will not have the desired results. Perfecting your hair with a hair dryer, a flat iron, or a curling wand is also not the option. Give your hair a break and opt for pomegranate seed oil, Argan oil, shea butter, or jojoba oil to style your hair. For curly hair, apply a styling oil on damp hair, wrap strands around self-adhesive rollers and air-dry it. For waves, apply a styling oil and braid your hair before you go to bed and unravel the braids in the morning. 

I usually detox my hair four times a year. A detox session usually lasts around 7 to 10 days. I use homemade detox products from the above 2 to 3 times a week. After every detox, my hair looks healthy, sleek and beautiful. You can continue using a lot of styling products after a detox, but less is more if you ask me. The less styling products you use on a daily basis, the shorter your detox process will be.

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  1. Great post, Jasmine! I use all sorts of oils for my hair and I love the fact that most of those are natural and very good for you. Also, I wish I listened to your advice and trimmed my hair more often. I desperately need a trim!