◠‿◠The First Ever Happy Corner + Giveaway!!!! (>‿◠)✌

The Happiest Corner on the Internet!

Welcome to My First Ever Happy Corner Series!!! If you are a subscriber then you already no about my new series and all that it has in store including sneaky giveaways hehe! If you are not subscribed you should get on that, just check the right side bar to subscribe ;)

The Happy Corner is filled with lots of happiness from quotes to inspire your week to downloadable phone and desk wall paper filled with happy thoughts, my happiest playlist of the week, so much more and yes you heard it in the title GIVEAWAYS!!! These giveaways could be small, big, or heck humongous if I get the steam I need to take it to the next level so tell yo friends!

This little nook will happen every Sunday with fun challenges and giveaways! So lets get into the good stuff!

Why you need Happiness in your life!
I know, know we all have our days but we seriously need to find happiness even in the darkest places. So if you are having a bad day right now, I want you to take this moment and embrace the now. This very moment as you are reading this, now STOP AND...SMILE QUICK! Ahhh now don't you feel better...uh oh get that negative thought out of your head right now, this is your happy place...AHHHHH!

Quote of the Week!

My Happy Playlist

Happy Downloads!
I'll also be making a page for all of my downloads and printables after I get a few up in my series if you ever need them. Plus other exciting things will be on that page too (¬‿¬)
This week its nothing but happy thoughts to brighten your lock screens!

Download this to your iPhone and set as your lock screen for happy thoughts!

But First Coffee!!!
I don't know about you but coffee makes me happy, coffee is literally bae at this point in my life. Those happy hormones get me feeling some type of high, ok in a totally non-druggy way hehe! So I decided for my first ever giveaway on here is to Give you a Cup of Coffee or 2 on me!!!

Starbucks Giveaway
Whether you've been wanting that all quintessential Starbucks mug or you want to finally try out that Secret Menu everybody has people talking about, or you just want your regular cup of Happiness, it doesn't matter because You'll be getting a $10 gift card to get it! Even if you don't like Starbucks but know of someone who does, why not enter for them... HELLOOOOO, HAPPINESS POINTS FOR YOU!   

So enter now, the Giveaway is a week long until next SUNDAY  and I'll choose a winner.
*If this does really good I may even choose 2 winners, so tell a friend!!!!*

I want you to share a picture of something that you love with me by using #colorubold  
Hint, I'm all for colorful Instagram pictures so you may be featured next week on my blog and Entered in for an Extra 15points!

I really hope you guys love this new section, I wanted to do something different because in a world where there is a lot of challenges I just want to make it a little easier even for a moment. (>‿◠)✌

So what got you excited today, tell me in the comments below!


  1. This is such a lovely idea, I love how you're always spreading such positive vibes! :) Looking forward to the upcoming posts x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  2. Thank you for the chance to win! There are so many things that make me happy, my family, Coffee, reading, deep breaths! I could go on ;) Thanks again for the chance!

  3. I am all. about. music when it comes to my happiness. I can fix my worst moods in 5 minutes flat just by listening to Ke$ha. I'm almost positive that changing my taste in music was what helped me beat depression more than anything!

    1. OMG Yes! Music is life for me! Music has always been my way of coming out of depression it really does help!

  4. I (relatively) recently wrote a post about happiness. For me, especially when things get crazy and hectic, taking a moment to take stock of where I was, where I am, and where I will be helps to lift my spirits. It helps me see and appreciate how I have overcome similar obstacles in the past.

    Sockwun | ExtraExtravagant.com

  5. It's so cute that you're giving away phone wallpaper downloads! Into that :)

  6. My kids sleeping in, lattes, chocolate and date nights!

  7. Loving this post it's good to inspire others have a great evening

  8. Being outdoors, sun and coffee makes me happy

  9. I really love your blog, it's always so positive! Coffee makes me happy too ^-^


  10. Super fun blog!! My family makes me happy as well as reading and running outdoors

  11. coffee makes me happy too! but it's not the only thing... finding good sales, snuggles from the one you love, and chocolate.

  12. What a lovely idea! :) Things that make me happy include: Jesus; my family & friends; my little calico, Camilla; a nice cup of coffee or tea; reading; traveling (especially somewhere new); and the fact that you listed "Sing" by Pentatonix in your "Happy Playlist". :)

  13. I believe it is more important now than ever to find happiness in this world that is so serious, dramatic and easily offended. One of the things that help me find joy is when I am thinking about all of the things that you are thankful for. Even bad days have room for a smile.

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild

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