Customizing Inspired Phone Cases + Giveaway!!!

Customize Your Own Phone Case

Ok who is in love with phone cases?!?! I know I am! It's something about finding quirky ones that no one else has that leaves me in a very happy place! So when I got contacted by Case App, I'm sure you heard of them circulating through the blogger sphere as I have, I was extremely excited! I love customized items so I wanted to make really fun phone cases that I could switch up depending on my personalities which is a Flower Loving Girl, Weird Girl, Mellow Kid, and Dreamer! Yep I named my personalities haha!

With Case App you can customize different types of androids and iPhones  and you can even customize laptops too especially for all my iMac lovers out there! You can also do it on regular 15.6 in. laptops! You can do so many cool things and customize to your hearts content! It's a great website to customize for you or as a gift for someone!

A New Obsession!
I've been really into everything lately! Which reminds me I need to seriously do a Bando Haul Pronto! So I scoured their site for cute iPhones cases that I've already been eyeing and I also went on there Pinterest to find cute prints too!  Let me just say I became a Pinterest addict in one day!

So here is 3 of the 4 cases I've made inspired by Bando. on case app! Plus a completely customized case by me with inspiration from Pinterest!

Spring florals...Groundbreaking!
This floral print was inspired by the notebooks and the actual iPhone case on Bando! I enhanced the brightness and added a bit of saturation because I just wanted a bit more uniqueness to it! Plus ya girl loves bright colors...obvi!

Weird Girl!
This print is so me! I found it on their Pinterest and was in love!  I like to put this on my phone when I wear quirky outfits and need an excuse as to why I'm wearing them haha!

Mellow Out Kid!
This print was so needed at the time I was creating this! I was so stressed last month and this was perfect! Sometimes when I'm feeling stressed I placed this one on my phone to remind myself that girl you need to relax...chill out girl!

The last  iPhone case i made I wanted to do all by myself! So I hopped on Pinterest to find a galaxy print I was in love with. Then I took that print to Fotor, a photo editing app that I create literally everything! I love quotes and wanted something to personify that! What better way than this quote that I literally made up but that is what makes customization so unique! I then used the clipart on the  caseapp website to pick out this infinity sign! OMG I'm in love with the final result!

The best thing about caseapp is that you can make your cases matte or glossy! Of course I went for that gloss baby! It turned out so perfect! 

So that being said I want to giveaway a free Phone case valued at $40 (as a coupon to the site) to one lucky person! This giveaway will end  May 1 so everyone will get a chance! 

1.Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest!
2.Follow Case App on Instagram...They have some really cool phone case inspo!
3.Let me know in the comments below what type of phone case you would create!
4.Extra points for participation on my blog and everywhere else all month long!

Seeing you actively taking part really puts a smile on yo girls face! 

If you want to try Case App out for a discount use COLORUBOLD20 for a 20% Discount!!!
Valid for the next 7 days!

How would you customize your phone case if you had the chance?


  1. Great giveaway! I'd pick a galaxy print :)

  2. Ohmygosh this is awesome!! Oh I'd take anything with Eeyore on it. Or Winnie the Pooh. Or a Winnie the Pooh quote. Anything to do with the bear and his beloved honey pot. :D

  3. These look so cool! I would probably do a 'dreamer' phone case, or maybe a NYC phone case :)
    Great post :)

  4. Absolutely obsessed with these prints! Crossing my fingers extra tight that I win...I've got my mind set on a umblr "GOOD VIBES" inspired case or something succulent or cactus related :) Loved this!
    xx Ellen from


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