How to Find Your Inner Unicorn!

Always be a yourself unless you can be a unicorn...then always be a unicorn!

We've heard about unicorn for ages! Its these mystical creatures that can never be found but we've totally heard of them and they are totally really! Unless you want to listen to this article from seventeen magazine saying that unicorn was basically not what we imagined which is totally falso! Ok rant over! So what does being a unicorn mean to you!

As bloggers, vloggers, youtubers, designers, artist, musician, and basically any type of creative that doesn't share the same vision of mainstream America has finally become popular (thank goodness, the term unicorn has come to describe us! We don't run with the pack, we stand out in the crowd, in our small towns, in our schools. Why would be want to be anything other than what our left side of our brain is screaming us to be...CREATIVE!

Fetus Unicorn in the Making!
I've always been a creative soul even from Fetus Jasmine(aka baby me) I was playing with colored pencils, crayons, anything I could get my hands on! I always had an imaginative mind even coming up with fun stories in my head and acting them out as though they were real! Don't get me started on my Barbie Doll stories haha! Me and my brother(who is also a unicorn might I add) always made up cool ideas in our head and acted them out. Often it would be me and him imagining ourselves as power rangers or Pokémon players!  I would sit or walk around outdoors just thinking! I was a thinker!

Unicorn in a Small Town!
As I grew up I realized that I was not like the rest! I was not a genius in anything logical speaking. I did however lover history because it made me think about the past and what if I was living in those times...go figure! As I reached the end of high school in my small town community of Virginia, I seriously had to figure something out! I did the Career test to see what would be my best career to go into...writing, artist, teacher, nurse! Where I lived it was either work as a factory worker, teaching, or nursing! I had no idea and since I hated being in front of the class, teaching was a no go! Factory working haha not for the rest of my life, nope! Writing and artist was too broad and close-minded to the ones around m and something that people looked down upon nursing it was! I didn't realize that writing and being creative in a multitude of art forms would lead me to quitting my nursing degree and diving head first (into a brick wall to be honest) but also into something that would make me so happier than I've ever been! I'm still trying to figure it all out! I love photography, I've proven to myself I could do wedding and event photography!  I love makeup, I proven to myself that I can beat a face...naturally of course. I love fashion, I've proven to myself I could style others...ok just my mom but still she's got so much style now thanks to me haha! I've proven that I am good at video editing and filming...I've recorded and edited a music video on top of my other countless youtube videos. Above all else I've proven that I could be a writer! I've been a writer for over 3 years non stop! I've written for other websites!

I'm a creative, I'm unique, I'm a UNICORN and I'm Proud of it!

Unicorn Tears and Poop!
I may not be where I want to be right now. I'll be honest at times I get down because I'm not at the level that others are at my age... but would I change it...NO! God has me at a point in my life where I need to figure it all out! If I should do one thing or a multitudes of things on the side, I have no clue! I think that's why being a Unicorn is so unique!  you don't have it all figured out, you are making it all up as you go!  However I'm going head first(into a brick wall sometimes)but  I'm not going back to mediocre. I'm not going back to feeling drained when I don't satisfy my creative being, I was not happy then! I'm paving my own rainbow over this bright blue sky! So I encourage you to never give up on your dreams!

Keep paving your own rainbow and soon you'll be crying unicorn tears of success and pooping unicorn poop all over the haters and, you know keep being a Unicorn!

Unicorn Shop!

What makes you a unicorn?
Leave it in the comments below!


  1. I am obsessed with unicorns myself. I have necklaces, pictures, pens, notebooks, a dreamcatcher and a tattoo on my arm which I got when I was 21 (I'm now 32). And I collect Myth and Magic ornaments too (Tudor Mint) so I really do love them. Great post x

  2. hehe<3 great dose og inspiration as always<3
    I think I need more unicorns in my life after reading your post <3

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  3. You are so awesome <3 always love the positivity & creativity flowing from ur blog!

  4. Awww, this was such a great read! I love Unicorns and would love to be one! I'll have to put my horn on after this :) Can't wait to read more by you.