How to Fray Jeans like a Pro + 70's Inspired OOTD and Video!!!

Today I wanted to share with you a lazy girl hack that I'm seriously in love with! I've been wanting to do more DIY's especially since I shop at thrift stores a lot! So I thought why not try out a super simple DIY like Frayed Jeans...but the lazy girl way! I'll be honest I get real impatient when it comes to DIY's...hence that fact that I never do them. However I got a hack for even the laziest girl! Seriously you can totally do this laying down in bed watching netflix!

I've been loving flared jeans and with the 70's style trend roaming around here longer than many had anticipated I thought it would be great to work some jeans I got from the Goodwill and make it 70's theme! What better way than frayed flares! What better way to make it even more epic....A VIDEO with OOTD inspo straight from the THRIFT SHOP and a lot of DANCING!!!

Super Simple right?! The video is self explanatory so no need to go in depth! You take some scissors and chip off what you don't want and scrap the rest haha! I highly suggest finding pairs of jeans to DIY at thrift stores. They are super affordable so if you  mess up you will not want to cry yourself to sleep at night for it being expensive haha!

The #1 Key to Hunting for Jeans at a Thrift Store to DIY!
Know what you are hunting for!
Do you have flared jeans in mind or super skinny jeans? Knowing exactly what you are looking for will save you some time when scouring the racks!

70's Vibes on a Dime!
My entire look in the video came straight from the thrift shop! Ok obvi know secret that I love me some Thrift shopping #Imgonnapopsometags ;) I definitely suggest instead of looking for vintage style 70's looks at high end places just go thrift shopping! With a little hunting you can find awesome deals and actually look like a cool retro 70's girls!

Shopping Secrets Spilled!
Catch this tea because it's spilling haha! Instead of shopping full prices for these ridiculously high end  clothes for  trend that's not going to last the year out go thrifting! Styles you should look for this season is 70's, 80's, and 90's themed! Flared jeans are everywhere in the Goodwills search for them and make cool cropped flares with frayed ends for 70's chill mode. Find graphic tees that embody the 80's realm without spending an arm, leg and a big bottle of hairspray! You can find cool oversized jean jackets in the men's section to put patches or buttons on to rock a cool 90's vibe! Shhhh don't tell the high end stores!

How would you style your frayed jeans?


  1. Loving this post.

  2. I feel you on the lazy DIYs, and this one is so perfect for the 70s trends this season! Loving those red sunnies too!

    Chow Down USA