Internet Nudity is not Being Body Positive!

 Unhealthy Ideal of the Body Positive Movement


We all have different opinions about nudity so trust me I understand every point of view I'm just opening up discussion on a very important topic. As a girl who grew up in a different era than the girls today it's really important to me to see the younger generation not falling into this corrupt ideal of what body positivity is! I feel every woman has the right to showcase their body however they like(I'll state this several times). However the problem that lies with me is the fact that a lot of younger girls do not fully and maturely understand the form of body positivity that contains nudity...

Nudity has become a part of mainstream America and is looked at in awe and "Go Girl Power."  In my own opinion I feel like this is setting a bad example for many young girls that do not understand what the definition of real body positive really means! Yes, we all deserve to love our bodies and show it off how we see fit. The problem that has me concerned is the fact that young girls are looking up to women in the industry and think that if they show their body off to the entire world (like they do) in the form of sexual objectification that this will make them popular, noticeable, and sexy. This will make them more "attractive" to the opposite sex. This will help them gain "confidence"! I want to say to these girls that are thinking this way is..."No this will not make you happy, this will not make you love your body in a healthy body positive way."

Many young girls in a destructive or unstable environment do not understand what is right from wrong when idolizing celebrities.

Many Girls Imitate What They See...
You see on Instagram girls posing for pictures in provocative ways. I've even seen young girls doing this! My 1st thought is where is yo mamma! My 2nd thought is why is she doing this? What purpose is this little girl really trying to prove posing like this. Is it for the "Like?" Is it for  the DM of a cute attractive maybe even famous boy?

Doing it for the Likes!?!

I'm all for a woman loving their body and showing it off. The problem is when that body positive post is more for the likes. The problem is when those likes get to these girl's head and think ok well if I post more pictures like this more people will like me therefore I will like myself. This is in the mind of young girls all over the internet. You can see that in pictures of girls that pose just like a celebrity or the next Instagram baddie! What I want to say to girls that do this is... Honey the more you post the more you will become dependent on others approval and I for one am not going to sit here and show off my body for no like! 

You should fill comfortable looking in the mirror alone and not having to take a picture for verification.

Dear Influential Women...

Grown women need to think about what example they are setting for the younger generation. I can already tell this generation is thinking about body positivity in all the wrong ways! Yes, older women have all the right to showcase their body, we are gorgeous creatures! However, I want more women to be mindful of what they showcase online for younger girls to see...especially famous people.

Famous people will probably never see this post and if they do they will probably have every excuse in the book to say why they should showcase their nude body(cough, cough Kim Kardashian). Remember there is no problem showcasing their body but I want them to be able to do pictures  covered up and tell young girls that yes you too can be beautiful just the way you are without taking it off. Put that in a long paragraph like you would trying to defend nudity. Girls look up to these celebrities whether they like it or not and maybe celebrities don't care but we as the less than famous should help girls see confidence in themselves just the way they are.

If you agree I would love for you all to share this post on your social media! If you have some awesome things to say and want to write a blog post about it too well that would be even better! 

What are your thoughts on nudity as a form of the Body Positive Movement?


  1. Love this post! On the one hand it is very dangerous for celebrity women to take nude / semi nude pics and post them online, especially when young girls look up to them and think that's what they need to do to be attractive or desired. However, there's also the other part of me that thinks that women should be able to claim ownership of their bodies and exhibit them however they want - it's a tricky topic! You covered it well though, I enjoyed reading! ❤️

  2. Loved everything about this post and completely agree! As women, we should not feel as if we need to sexualise our body in order to gain attention and to be liked by our peers.

    I'm all for anyone, women and men, taking nude photos that are sexual if that's what they want to do but I feel social media is not the platform at which they should showcase them. It is far too easy for young teens to see these images and imitate them believing it will make them more attractive or desirable.

    However, I do feel the double-standard does need to be accounted for as many men can post provocative/nude photos and no one bats an eyelid, e.g. Justin Bieber.

    But anyways, I thought this post was great!


  3. Loved this post very great post Jasmine keep doing what you are doing, keep up the good work, so true on all you said

  4. I'm so up in the air with body image and nudity... but I really like how you worded this. It was to the point, not preachy and yet still allows people to think about what it is that they think about this subject.

    Now, I'm thinking about this late at night (ten is late in my book) before bed. Hope Kim Kardashian doesn't visit me in my dreams. Eeep. Lol.

    Love it darling. Thanks for making me think. - I think. haha. Cheers!

  5. I genuinely don't know how to feel about the correlation between nudity and body positivity online.

    Because while it may promote YOUR body positivity, it does not necessarily mean it helps body positivity in general. Especially since some people who are dressing (or not dressing) already fit society's beauty standards rather than an actual, normal plus-size woman etc.

    That being said, I genuinely believe that if you're proud of something, feel free to show it off. But beware of the backlash it may cause.

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  6. Great post! I feel alot of nudity these days is just for publicity and shock value!
    I love my body but I know it looks better in clothes! You gotta leave something to the imagination!