3 Edgy Ways to Style Leggings + Style Tips

Heyyy! I said I was going to have a video up by Saturday and guess what....NEW VIDEO!!! I  love wearing leggings that are so comfy! You can style them casual or amp it up for a super glam look! It's all up to your style and personality. So today I wanted to share with you how I style my leggings! I like my style to be edgy with a touch of girliness! What I love about these looks is that I feel sooooo freaking comfortable in them, even in heels! Check out how I style my looks and also some styling tips to help you figure out how to style leggings yourself!

How to Wear Leggings

1.Long is the Way to Go:If you feel uncomfortable pairing leggings with a crop top just add a long button down, cardigan, or duster!

2.Shoe Game: Wear a pair of cropped leggings with your favorite ankle boots!

combat boots

3.Chill Days:If it's still chilly wear you live but still want to rock shorts why not add leggings underneath! This especially perfect if your leggings have gotten faded or worn in...if you know what I mean #nothighgapwhatsoever

Which one is your fave style?

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  1. Love this !! Leggings are so so versatile ! You can wear them with so many items! I close that long top!


  2. You look gorgeous love all the styles. Inspiration!!!!

  3. Omg love this!! I love all the styles!

  4. I love this whole post in general.Just discovered your blog,congrats on your theme cause it looks beautiful!


  5. I needed this! I want to wear leggings in public but I don't wanna it to look like I fotgot to wear pants or a skirt, and just decided to walk around in thick tights!�� My favourite looks are style 1 and style no. 2 with ankle booties those looked cute!

    Again thanks for the tips. ��

  6. I very much needed it. Thanks a lot for sharing it, you surely have an amazing style. I have a basic black legging and I know there is a lot that can be done with it. I am glad I got great ideas from this blog. I think I am going to follow this blog religiously from now on.

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